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11 Most Essential Electrical And Electronics Tools For DIY Projects

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Most Useful Essential Electrical And Electronics Tools

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Every household nowadays has a toolbox that caters for their basic household project's needs, for which they don’t need to hire a professional.

Like every other project around the house, be that the plumbing work or the woodwork, everyone needs to have some professional equipment as well because the basic tools don’t always help with everything.

Just like other projects require professional equipment, electrical projects also require some professional equipment because the electric work is the hardest work any person ever has to go through. There are different kinds of electronic devices that can be used by homeowners for DIY projects.

 Essential Electrical And Electronics Tools

1. Wire stripper

This hand tool is made to strip or cut off the insulation of the wires. Every good quality wire stripper will do a clean job perfectly, and it is designed with a cut off a portion and comes with various size cutting teeth that can be used on different sized wires and cables.

There are many top models which come with ergonomically designed handles which require less hand force and they also have curved blades which make sure that the cuts are precise and clean.


2. Non-contact voltage detector

There are many occasions on which you need to check whether the right amount of voltage is coming in the power supply or not, and every time you run to check the stabilizer that shows the in and out voltage.

The non-contact voltage detector comes in two categories an automatic and a manual one. The automatic is chosen by most of the people now has it shows to the point readings and has a long service life too.


3. Wire crimper

Certain electrical issues are quite difficult to trace, and sometimes the issues are intermittent due to the poor wire connection. A wire crimper is used to repair the wires the have faulty connections.

Investing in a good quality wire crimper is a long-term investment as they are reliable and can be used for a long period of time without the fear of it breaking down.


4. Level

Every time you try to install something in your house, you try to make it perfect because you don’t want anyone questioning the work you have done.

A level is a device that is used to check and see whether the fittings and other fittings are straight; this also includes straight outlet covers, switches, wall plates.

It’s a hand free magnetic level that comes with a steel casing and is very compact and lightweight. It provides accurate readings in horizontal, vertical, and 45-degree angles.


5. Plier

This is the basic and also a professional tool because the truth is told, it comes handy in most of the situations around the house. There are different types of pliers, but famous ones are side cutting, and diagonal pliers and these are specially designed to cut the wires.

There is also a do it all plier, which can cut, twist, pull, and grip the wires. There is a wide variety of pliers available online, and in hardware stores, you may not need to buy each one of them, but without a plier, your toolbox will be incomplete.


6. Multimeter

What Is a Multimeter

Checking current supply and voltages is a very important and crucial task, and having a multimeter saves you from a lot of trouble of hiring an electrician.

A multimeter for electricians is an all in one tester used to measure voltages, current and to check if there is any resistance in the circuit, and it also helps locate power fluctuations like shoddy wiring.


7. Tape measure

This is a must-have for any person, whether it a plumber or electrician. The tape measure is helpful in measuring the height for the placement of switches and outlets, and also for centering lighting fixtures and so much more. 

It comes with clear-coated blade protection at the end for more durable markings and is designed to fit perfectly in hands.


8. Insulated gloves.

Electric shocks are very common in people who work at home with electrical appliances because of no safety gear.

As electricians have these gloves with them all the time, it won’t hurt anyone to have them at home too, because they will ensure more safety and protection.


9. Wrench set

Wrenches are used to tighten screws, also called hex head screws. They are mostly found on the ceiling fans, light fixtures, and some appliances.

It is better to own both standard and metric wrenches so that you don’t have the need to borrow these from your neighbour every time you are working on a project or running to a local store in the emergency.


10. Electric drill

Best power drill

People who try to do most of their work by themselves because they don’t want to spend extra money to hire an electrician and then not getting satisfied with their work. 

Owning an electric drill should be important in this case because it can be used to install new stuff and also disassemble installed hardware to access the wirings, and a handheld electrical drill will help expedite the process.


11. Screwdrivers

Screwdriver Bit Sets

This item is found in every household and is the first thing in the toolbox. Investing in a high-quality precision screwdriver kit is a time saver and also saves a lot of money.

There are many advanced kits that are designed to consume less space and include everything you need in a portable and stylish box.



Some of these tools can be expensive and might cost you a lot, but they are going to help you with everything whenever you intend to do a project at your home, and they also come in handy whenever there is an emergency, and you can’t find an electrician.






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