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Air Duct Cleaning: Benefits You May Not Have Known

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cleaning air duct

cleaning air duct

Every house has various apparatus that help it function properly, such as the air conditioning or plumbing system or even the electric lines throughout the house. If any of these systems stop working, it becomes challenging to live in the house.

One such obvious item is the air ducts in our houses. Our primary tool for survival is oxygen. Without breathing in oxygen, our body will not be able to keep itself functional for more than a few seconds. Air ducts in the house ensure proper airflow into the house ensuring our survival.

Apart from this obvious function, air ducts have many other benefits. Keeping an air duct clean has its perks. You can get a lot more benefit from a clean air duct then you would from a jammed one. This article tries to elaborate on the benefits of cleaning your air ducts.



Firstly, if we understand the functioning of air vents, we would be able to know their basic benefits. Air ducts are overhead structures usually hidden behind a layer of hardboard roof, or sometimes, they are kept exposed for aesthetics.

In a house, sometimes, the air inlets, such as windows and doors, have to be kept closed due to bad weather. In such cases, if the house is properly insulated, there’s hardly any air entering the house.

This is where air ducts perform their basic task. Air conditioning machines that are set up in various rooms take hot or cold air from the room and use the air ducts to send it outside. It fills your room with the very air you breathe and takes out the toxic gases which are harmful to you, such as carbon dioxide, away from your room.

So, on a snowy day or hot summer day, when you want to enjoy the indoors, you are basically breathing because of these air ducts. If that’s not a major reason for cleaning air ducts, what is!

You can clean your air duct as a part of any home improvement or D.I.Y. improvement project. This will help you utilize your free time and also let you breathe more freely inside your own home.

Clean air for everyone

As we mentioned, the main function of the air duct is to circulate air into and out of your room. The type of air the air duct brings is vital to your health. Usually, air ducts have their own filtering system to keep out the bad stuff.

But due to lack of cleaning, those systems may get clogged. And eventually, when air flows through those systems clogged with dirty stuff like dust, it will not be filtered. Moreover, when the clean air flows through your dirty air ducts, it becomes polluted.

Having clean air ducts is the first prerequisite for having a clean environment in your room. If you do not have your air ducts cleaned, then not only will you have bad air, your household environment will also be polluted. The furniture and other items in the household could be covered with a thick layer of dust that will harm the beauty of your house.

As a matter of fact, if you keep your air ducts thoroughly cleaned, you will have to do less cleaning around the house. Your house will be left much cleaner by just keeping your air ducts clean.

Preventing health issues

This might be the most important reason behind keeping your air ducts clean. Health is the biggest concern for any family. To prevent it from degrading, we spend a lot of money. But if the very air we breathe in our own homes is polluted, then it becomes tricky to keep ourselves healthy.

There are various air-related health issues that affect us. Most prominent are allergies. Air mixed with dust or other harmful particles usually affects our internal airflow system. If the body parts are too reactive, they may react badly towards such an outside invasion. As the body's normal response to these ‘alien’ matters, white blood cells will rush to fight it, which causes swelling and itching.

If the allergic reaction is too bad, then the patient might even have to be hospitalized. If the situation causing the allergy disturbance is treated adequately, it could take a turn for the worst. This is why it is necessary to keep air ducts clean to ensure allergy control.

Another big issue that may arise with the entrance of polluted air into your house is asthma. Usually a hereditary issue, asthma can be triggered by various factors. Dirty air could be one of them. Particularly, dust can trigger it when it enters our lungs. Patients with asthma face a very severe reaction. It inflames their airways and narrows down the small path that is used to flow the air. As a result, the patient feels like they are running out of air.

Leaving an air duct dirty will only worsen the situation. Continuous exposure to such an environment could further worsen the situation. It will also increase your household expenditure on medicine as every small trigger will require the assistance of an inhaler. By just keeping your air ducts clean, not only can you manage these health concerns, but you can also save money.

Improving air quality and flow

Keeping a clean air duct means the best air quality inside your house. The outside air with all its pollutants and smells will be kept outside if you can keep your air ducts clean. Keeping it clean means no animals or insects will be able to live or walk through these vents. Usually, they create a bad smell that deteriorates the environment of the house. Keeping clean ducts will prevent that too.

Clean ducts mean better airflow. If we compare it to the pulmonary system, restrictions caused by fat on the wall of veins cause blockage in the blood flow, and removing the blockage helps smooth blood flow. Keeping your air duct clean is just like that; it allows ample air to flow inside your house.

So, keeping your air duct clean has multiple benefits. Not only does this improve your health situation, but it also improves the environmental conditions around your house. This is why it is vital to keep the air ducts of your house as clean as possible.





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