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A Homeowners Guide To Air Duct Cleaning

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How To Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning

cleaning air duct

The process of Air Duct Cleaning is if not very but to a considerable level difficult and hectic. You can always appoint professional services for the work; the air duct cleaning service in Maryland is quite favourable.

Cleaning air ducts are not totally impossible to conduct on your own; you will just have to follow a few simple and easy steps. Here, in this article, we provide a homeowners guide to air duct cleaning. Let’s have a glance.

Tools needed to Air Duct Cleaning: 

Air duct cleaning requires various types of tools. Following are some of them:


  • Cleaning Brush: - Toilet Brushes are the best option for this work. But in cases one does not have a toilet brush he or she can opt for a stiff-bristle paint brush.


  • Heavy-duty vacuum: - Though a household-vacuum can very efficiently perform the job, getting hold of a heavier duty vacuum is always more welcomed for its more desirable results. Do not forget to get yourself a long hose pipe for Air Duct Cleaning the deep inners of the duct.


  • Furnace Filter: - This is something which you may not need in the process but is definitely necessary once the cleaning has been done. Always try to choose your filter wisely.


  • Screw Driver: - In the process, you’ll need to unfasten several fasteners. Thus comes the need for a screwdriver or in many cases, hex drivers. You can use any other tool of the same type.


  • Paper Towels: - In case you need to indulge in much dusting and cleaning, you’ll find the necessity of paper towels. Even if not, paper towels become handy while covering some place, as you clean the other.


  • Broom: - Once again, this is something which will find its need after the job has been done, that is to clean up the mess from the cleaning. You might also need brooms to clean between the grills.

Apart from these, one might need minor things like soap, water, face mask, hand gloves, etc.


How to go around with the process?

The procedure involves a number of steps which need to be followed for its completion.

  • The most important job is to disconnect the power supply of the heater and air conditioner. Next comes unfastening of all the screws so that you get off with the grills or the cover. You can also cover the air registers to avoid messing about too much.


  • Do not forget to pay attention to the dryer vents, which will be needing cleaning too. In case you aren’t too much into cleaning those, you can easily opt for dryer vent cleaning services in Maryland.


  • Next, make sure that you are running the fan and the heat or cool mode is switched off. This will help you in keeping the surroundings clean while you are going to proceed with you dusting and brushing.


  • In the case, you are not provided with a fan option; you might turn on the heat. One more thing to keep in mind is that the previous furnace filter should be rightly located so that the dust emerging does not make an entry into the fan motor.


  • Now comes the main action. When you have checked up on all this, start the work on with your brush, bang and knock so the accumulated or deposits of dirt in the ducts break up into loose dust and fall off. Make sure you reach out to each and every corner and services of the duct to sweep off all the particles of the same type.


  • Try to clean out every cavity, piping, etc. present. This is where you will need the long hose pipe; it will help you to attend every single mold and mildew which might have made the duct their habitat. When performing this, it is advisable to get yourself a mask and a glove to prevent any sort of harm and diseases.


  • Once you are finished with the air ducts, come down to the grills and gates. You might no doubt use a broom or brush to clean it, but it would further better if you would clean them up with soap and water to get rid of the sticky dust and grim. When done with the duct, focus on the furnace.


  • Reach out to the blower compartment and return air boot after removing the front panels of the furnace. Vacuum in those areas vigorously for this is where you’ll get the most dirt and dust. Also, don’t forget to lay upon your focus on the furnace fan, which will also be needing cleaning.


  • When you have completed the entire cleaning job, one by one, place back all the covers, grills, etc. Starting with the duct, then the grills, and lastly the furnace panels. Set up everything rightly, broom of your dust to a single place, and then you are done with your cleaning.


Why do we need to clean our air ducts?

Ever given a thought to this question, as to why take up so much stress? If you are not cleaning up your air ducts, the quality of the breathing air will remain polluted. Which implies that the air you’ll be breathing will have harmful particles which may pose as a danger to our breathing.

Also if air ducts aren’t cleaned from time to time the air might emit foul smell and odour. These may cause quite a problem for those who are suffering from some sort of allergy especially dust allergy, or any sort of breathing problem; for apart from simple dust and dirty air ducts can also be infested with vermin like insects and rodents.

Lastly, it may be said that cleaning air ducts at regular intervals improves its work quality and thus gives us efficient results.


Wrapping Up:

On a general note, it is always advisable to keep up with sanitizing your home, whether necessary or not, for at times, it helps us to prevent any sort of disease in the near future. Hope, this guide will be beneficial to you.







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