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Amazing Homes With Mid Century Fireplaces

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Install a Fireplace

Install a Fireplace

A fireplace is a classic part of a home. However, if you want to install them in your house, you need to remember that they need constant improvements to them. On the same note, it is critical to note that the use of fireplaces is becoming widespread since modern fireplaces tend to create the option of installing them in every room regardless of the size. Therefore, if you are considering some of the perfect ways to remodel your house, restoring an indoor fireplace from Nostalgia UK is the right choice. The following are homes with mid-century fireplaces.

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Discovery Manor Estate

The Discovery Manor Estate in New York is one of the homes that you can find with a modern fireplace. It is a resort-style family compound with a world-class horse farm in New York. If you are looking for modern houses with mid century fireplace, then this is the right place you should invest. They have a classic, inspiring home that is 25,000 square feet. Most people like investing in these types of houses because they are warm and inviting. In other words, they are mainly built for the enjoyment and comfort of family and friends.


Whitehall Estate

The Whitehall estate in California is a private vineyard that is a stunning example of modern and contemporary design. It is a four-bedroom residence with the recent vineyard masterpiece. If you want a house where the main living room has an elevated fireplace, note that this is the right type of home that you need to choose or purchase. Also, it is installed with sliding glass walls with the open-plan interiors that reflect the golden California sunshine. It has various amenities such as extensive ground, infinity pool, and a sun-drenched pavilion.


Country Estate

The Country Estate in Dover is a custom-designed colonial-style house that you can find in Massachusetts. It has four wood-burning fireplaces that add a touch of old-world charm and warmth to the proportioned living room or spaces. It is located in a private acre that has a beautiful neighborhood setting in the historic town of Dover. With this property, you will get a resort-style pool that has a cave and a cabana.


Galleria Cost in Japan

If you want to live according to the customs and traditions of Japanese, one of the places that you need to live is Ashigarashimo. The Galleria Costa is a multi-level and contemporary residence that was designed with the sea. In other words, all the rooms available in this property face the ocean with beautiful and unique interior décor. Most people choose them because they are the center point of the dining and living rooms.


Shining Hand Ranch

The main aim of building the Shining Hand Ranch was to reflect and honor the beauty of its surrounding landscape. Ideally, it is a unique place that you can choose since it has a wood-burning fireplace that has a glass mosaic of two dragons designed in the shape of a heart. Also, it is flanked with beautiful and modern copper tree sculptures. Also, the doors are made of Brazilian mahogany.



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