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6 Best Yet Amazing Hoverboards For The Beginners Out There

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Hoverboards are quite trendy these days, and they are really fun to ride as well. They are an incredible toy that both kids and adults can enjoy equally. However, if you are planning to get a hoverboard for your kids’ birthday, and can't figure out which one to go with, we have got you covered.

We have done some research, and put together a list of some of the best hoverboards on the market right now, so check out our top six picks below.

Halo Rover X

The halo Rover X is an excellent option for teenage kids and adults, and it comes with an intuitive app as well, in which you can control different modes of the hoverboard. This board also has a learning mode, so if you are a first-time rider, there is no need to be intimidated by the Halo Rover X's powerful motors and speed.

This hoverboard has a couple of 800-watt motors, and it can get up to speeds of 10 mph. The Halo Rover X battery is also quite impressive, as it can cover a distance of up to 10 miles on one full charge. The large, 8.5-inch tires of this board allow it to cruise effortlessly on several terrains, and it can go up and down 20-degree slopes without any problem.

Moreover, Halo Rover X has a very sturdy build, and it is also waterproof, which makes it an excellent board for riding outdoors. It weighs about 32 pounds and can handle a rider weighing up to 220 pounds. 

This hoverboard is also relatively safe, and it has multiple safety certifications. It has a fire-safe battery, and its powerful LEDs allow you to ride safely even in low light.


Gotrax Hoverfly ION:

The Gotrax Hoverfly ION is one of the best-valued hoverboards for kids and teenagers.  It is affordable, and super lightweight, making it easier to control, and carry around like a skateboard. If you don't have a skateboard you may read Minority Skateboard Review before your next buy!

Since this hoverboard is designed with kids in mind, it is smaller in size and doesn't have as much range and power as some more expensive and larger hoverboards. The top speed is limited to 7 mph, which is fast enough for kids to enjoy but does not make the hoverboard too dangerous for them.

Because of the smaller batteries, the Gotrax Hoverfly ION range for one full charger is only about 4-5 miles. The tires of this hoverboard are also quite small. They are only 6.5 inches in size; therefore, they are ideal for smooth indoor surfaces.

The board comes with a three-month warranty, and it is one of the best budget-friendly hoverboards on the market.


The Swagtron Pro T1:

The Swagtron Pro T1 is one of the safest hoverboards in the market. With multiple safety certifications, an excellent battery protection system, and safe stop tech, this hoverboard makes the list of some of the best hoverboards you can get right now.

This hoverboard has an impressive range of up to 11 miles on one full charge, and the battery only takes a couple of hours to charge completely. It has a top speed of 8 mph, and the dual 500-watt moted make it capable of riding on 30-degree slopes.

The board only weighs 22 pounds, and the tires are 6.5 inches. Hence the capabilities of this board are quite impressive for its size.


The Hover-1 Helix:

Hover -1 is a popular hoverboard company that makes impressive products, and one of their latest hoverboards, the helix, has also made it to this list. It has a sturdy build, and it is one of the few hoverboards with an official waterproof rating.

Waterproof hoverboards are great; you can ride them outdoors, even when it is raining, and if you pass through a puddle, the board is not going to die on you. Furthermore, managing a hoverboard can be difficult if it isn't waterproof.

Similar to the previous board, it has a speed limit of 7 mph, and a maximum weight limit of 160 pounds. This is a lot of a hoverboard, particularly for kids; however, it has a longer battery life since it can keep running for 4-6 hours on one full charge.

The Hover-1 Helix is also available in several colors, which gives your kids a lot of choices.


The Hover-1 Drive:

If you want to get your kid an incredible present that they are going to love, you can get them a kids' hoverboard, and The Hover-1 Drive is an excellent option. This hoverboard is designed specifically for kids, and it has a maximum weight limit of 160 pounds.

The top speed is limited to 7 mph, which is perfect for kids, and the range of this board is only 3 miles per full charge. The low range is a downside of this board, but when you consider that it is made only for kids, and how light it is, the low range makes sense.

Another prominent feature of this hoverboard is its self-balancing capabilities, which help kids stay safe from accidents and make it easier for them to learn riding a hoverboard.


The Wormhole Off-Road Hoverboard:

This is an excellent hoverboard for kids who want to ride it outdoors. Though it has 6. 5 Inch wheels, they are very adaptive on different terrains, and the hoverboard is quite maneuverable and controllable. The wormhole hoverboard also has a self-balancing mode, which is great for people who are learning how to ride hoverboards.

The board has RGB lights and a built-in Bluetooth speaker for some extra fun and excitement. The board's maximum speed is limited to 7.4 mph, like several other kids' hoverboards, and it can run for 2-3 hours on a complete charge.


Final thoughts:

If you want to buy a hoverboard for your teenage kids, or yourself, it can be quite challenging, mainly because there are so many options in the market, so make sure that you do your research before making a purchase. However, I hope this post will help you to choose a hoverboard for adults that match your requirements. If you need additional sources, Inboard Skate has a wealth of reviews to help you pick among the best models in the market.







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