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7 Ways To Help A Friend Suffering From Social Anxiety

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walking on road

walking on road

Social anxiety means being nervous in all social situations; the symptoms can vary from person to person as to its intensity. Due to low awareness regarding the matter, not many know what social anxiety is, and if a loved one has it, how must they be treated.

To spread awareness and to help everyone reading this article, I have collected seven different ways that will help a friend suffering from social anxiety; you can do the seven following things, see the magic and thank me later for it,

Try to be patient:

Social anxiety is no joke, and once an individual is diagnosed with it, that's when it becomes even harder but what you need to understand as their friend is the fact that they will take a long process to recover from social anxiety and that process can take months or years as their entire system and behavior need to change.

As a friend to them, what you can do is be incredibly supportive and not get frustrated or exhausted with them, if they like you, then they will want to hang out with you for which you will have to be in control of your temper and not say anything hurtful towards them or their beliefs. Being patient will be challenging, but if you love them and want them to get better, you will have to give it your best shot.


Try not to criticize:

Everyone is the best critic for themselves, especially when it comes to pointing out mistakes, but when a person is suffering from social anxiety, they tend to be overly critical. They assume that everywhere they go, people judge them and think bad things for them, they believe that the way they see themselves, others see them in the same way.

So when they tell you about this, remember not to give them any advice such as loosen up, or they should not think like this or talk more because this can trigger negative feelings. Understand what they are going through and don't expect more than they can give, be hopeful, and patient to improve and grow from this. The only thing you can do at that time is listen and be supportive, so do those.


Educate yourself on the disorder they have:

When we look around us, many people may be suffering from social anxiety as they show symptoms, but they never get it checked, never to be diagnosed. When someone is diagnosed with it, it confuses as there is not much awareness regarding the matter.

sitting alone

sitting alone

If someone close to you has been suffering from social anxiety, you must educate yourself rather than asking the question. The internet is full of different articles, you can get books, and you can always talk to an expert to provide you with firsthand information on the matter.  Educating yourself will help you understand better what goes in the head of a person suffering from social anxiety and how to deal with it.


Try to get help from others:

Once you educate yourself on social anxiety, it will be easier to recognize people having symptoms of social anxiety. If you realize someone, you must help them find help from others or convince them to visit a doctor who can help them further by starting their treatment.

The tricky part is that you may have to convince them to see a professional or tilt their heads towards the possibility of having a problem but remember that you are doing this so that they can feel better about themselves and get better socially; you can be the person to save them.


Help them seek treatment:

If the person suffering from social anxiety does not want to get treated, don't make the mistake of forcing them into it. Instead, listen to them and hear the issue that stops them from going to the doctor.

You don't know, but you can be their most significant support; therefore, they will always be in dire need. It is great to be there for them as a friend but what you and they both need to understand because you are not a professional, and there are many things that you can't heal and understand.

Therefore the best thing you can do is encourage them to get treatment, and even if they don't just be proud of yourself for taking out time and trying for your friend but don't give up on them, try to take all necessary steps to change their life.


Try to be optimistic:

Social anxiety will not go away in a day; therefore, you will have to remain calm and positive. There will be many small steps that one has to take with the person with social anxiety, the treatment of social anxiety is a process where things improve gradually and slowly, therefore, celebrate all the small achievements that your loved one makes so that they know that you are happy for them and always give positive feedback.

Keep telling them that you are proud of them even when they fail, they are doing great and will be out of this in no time.


Try to avoid avoiding:

Anxiety always stays with people suffering from social anxiety, and one of the bravest things that one can do is face the triggers that trigger anxiety.

It would be best to encourage your friend to stop avoiding what bothers them and come face to face with all the negative things but make sure that they start with small things like calling an old friend or family member rather than sending a message.

Once they start doing this, you can start taking them to social gatherings, crowded places, and clubs. Remember that this will be done slowly and needs to be done not to be left alone.

sitting alone in hall

sitting alone in hall

To sum it all up, many doctors suggest medicines and products like weed cure depression and anxiety, to know more about such products you can visit highclub Canada. Moreover, social anxiety is not an easy thing to deal with, and if someone around you is suffering from it. Make sure to be there for them as a friend because they can use all the support they can get; you never know you can be the reason for someone returning to a healthy and happy life.



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