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6 Natural Remedies to Prevent Your Home from Ant Infestation

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How To Eradicate Ant Infestation in  the Kitchen & elsewhere

Eradicate Ant Infestation

Ants problems

Do you want to Eradicate Ant Infestation? When they move into our homes, these ants can be a real headache. They spread everywhere, make you uncomfortable, and creep inside when they get food. When once ants find a good source of food after it, they search for better shelter, moister, better conditions, and a pleasant temperature. They make their colonies, and soon you have ant’s army in your home. Most of the times, these ants take their start from the kitchen because people are likely to be reluctant to use spray or pesticides to get rid of them, for fear of contaminating their food.

If you’re looking for remedies to get rid of ants problems, then luckily these tips will help you to prevent them from taking over your house. Alright lets get on to DIY remedies of ant infestation. If you still need lists of pest control companies, click here.

1.      Make Sure You Know the Eradicate Ant Infestation

Ant observation is necessary when you’re dealing with them. Your careful observation will help out you to note their characteristics. Most of the homeowners are unable to find their species. For this purpose, you can get online help to identify correctly.

Your next step is to find out the point from where this tiny creature crawls inside. By simply observing the ant's movements, you can find out their entry point. They might come in through a window, hole, an open door or a crack. Ants are usually located in window frames, holes or cracks in the wall. When you find from where they enter, take quick action and block or seal their entry point.

You can cover or remove ant nests, and it will help you to eliminate the ant’s problems effectively. Lets find out how to kill ants, how to Eradicate Ant Infestation in the kitchen using already tried & tested home remedies.

2.      Use Natural Remedies

Do you know ants leave scent trail when they find any food source? You have to Eradicate Ant Infestation this trail if you want to overcome this tiny creature. Water alone cannot remove the trail. You can use any rough cloth soaked in bleach to eliminate the track.

3.      Vinegar and Water

In a spray bottle, you can mix half vinegar and half water. After making this mixture, you can spray it directly to kill ants, then clean them using a wet cloth and discard these dead ants. You can also spray this mixture around doorways, windowsills, kitchen and other entry points.

4.      Herbs and Spices

Ants love sweet smells, but they hate black or cayenne pepper. After locating their nest or entrance point, Sprinkle some pepper around that area. It will stop them. You can also mix these pepper with water and spray on them.

5.      Cinnamon

It is a great option to destroy the ant’s colonies. When they inhale cinnamon, it suffocates them untill they die. You can sprinkle it on the ant's paths as well.

6.      Lemon Juice

Like vinegar, lemon juice also helps to kill ants and remove their scent trails. Mix a solution of two parts lemon juice and three parts water and spray it where you see ants.

If your home has an Eradicate Ant Infestation, then you should call pest control experts to avoid a larger invasion. A pest control team will further advise you on how you can control ants quickly and effectively.

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Eradicate Ant Infestation

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