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Anti Bird Netting For Lasting Results

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anti bird netting

anti bird netting

370 different species of birds have been seen in London by bird spotters. The wood pigeon, house sparrow and starling are most frequently seen. Astonishingly, in September 2020 the RSPB estimated that there were 8600 breeding pairs of wild parakeets in the capital. Many bird species gravitate to London and the South East although you may think that the mass of buildings, traffic and people in cities and towns might deter them. The birds don’t appear to be dissuaded from nesting and roosting in locations where they have found shelter and easy access to food supplies.

When the amount of birds around your property increases to unviable levels, when family, guests or staff are being attacked, a mountain of guano (bird waste) and feathers is making an area unsanitary or you simply cannot spend another day with the cacophony of bird noise at your windows, you require specialist assistance and the most appropriate bird control measures available with regards to size of species and the quantity of birds. Speak to London service provider about why a DIY approach with klaxons and arm waving won’t be enough and how their team can deliver lasting results that rid you of your troublesome opportunistic birds without fear that they’ll return a week later and once again drive you past the point of reason.

Anti bird netting is a measure that has proven itself time after time with multiple species and volumes of problem birds. Each installation is bespoke and therefore is perfect for you. Netting is economical and efficient; it may look deceptively simple but the technology and research involved in the manufacture and applications has been ongoing for years to ensure experts provide the most humane and compelling anti bird device. Essentially, anti bird netting presents a barrier to stop birds from roosting or congregating whilst reeducating them. The space they found so convenient before the netting was installed is now  impossible to access. After a few futile attempts their bird brains will decide that the position wasn’t so wonderful that relocation could not be happily achieved and so they elect to fly away. Like humans, they don’t appreciate labour intensive activities and source an easy solution, another location for their London home. At no time is the bird at risk of injury, they are repelled without undue distress.

Professional anti bird netting is discreet, and with the leading service providers you are assured of a range of colours and the highest quality UV stabilised materials that are resistant to chemicals and environmental conditions. The gauge of the netting is determined by the species and size of the bird causing the infestation. Options are 19mm, 50mm and 75mm. You can decide, with expert assistance, whether you want a temporary or more permanent installation and this can be budget and practicality related.

Always work with a British Pest Control Association member and they will guarantee that all laws and procedures are met. You may not realise that bird control is governed by the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and the Protection of Birds Act 1954. There are severe penalties, up to six months in jail or unlimited fines, for DIY bird control methods which break these laws. Broadly speaking, all wild birds, their nests and eggs are protected under law and so intentionally and “recklessly” disturbing, killing, injuring or destroying any of them is a criminal offence, even if the nest is still under construction. There are a few exceptions but please don’t take any legal or health and safety risks. Specialist bird control service providers exist for  the reason that they know what they’re doing and how to achieve it safely. You don’t need to work on a hunch, London’s bird control firms are competitively priced and respond quickly to calls for assistance.

With the birds’ presence there is a high likelihood that your building and its surroundings have come to resemble a toilet. If only birds would wear nappies!

Guano can lead to secondary issues, the most probable being a flea or mite infestation. Histoplasmosis is a disease caused by a fungus that grows in the guano. Dried droppings which a human inhales as dust as they pass through an affected area can be a serious threat to health. Guano clearance is a task for qualified professionals who understand the risks and have the relevant PPE. The waste is responsibly disposed of with minimum disruption.

Your anti bird netting is one phone call away.