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Appliance Repair Tips: How To Prepare For A Service Visit

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appliance repair

appliance repair

Home appliances and gadgets require routine maintenance and checkups to keep them in their best possible shape. Most times, servicing professionals opt to visit your house for routine maintenance instead of you taking the appliance to them. In such cases, you will need to prepare for the visit to ensure everything goes smoothly when the technician arrives. Here is how to prepare adequately and appropriately for a service visit:

1. Clear Your Schedule

You should know the exact time your appliance servicing contractor will come by, as well as how long the whole process will last. This should help you clear your schedule for that period. You can’t be entirely sure how long the servicing will last, because that depends on your appliances’ condition, so you should anticipate clearing a bit more time than may actually be needed.

This will prevent your contractor from doing a rushed job just because you’re out of time. You should also endeavor to be home during the scheduled time, or inform your contractor early on if there’s a schedule change.

Sometimes, clients forget to inform their appliance servicing contractor of their change of plans. This means that the contractor arrives only to meet with the clients’ absence. Of course, this is unprofessional, because it wastes the contractor’s time.


2. Provide A Clear Path To The Appliance

Try to provide a clear path to the appliance. A cluttered area is a very big distraction for the service contractors. It can also be a time-waster. You wouldn’t want to waste the service contractor’s time by making this person move items out of the way to get to the appliance.

For instance, if you’re preparing for a technician’s visit for your washing machine repair, you should clear your washing room instead of leaving the place filled with dirty or washed clothes. The same goes for other appliances in your home. Always ensure you clear away unnecessary items. They shouldn’t clutter the contractor’s temporary workspace.

Try to clean the surrounding space of the appliance as well, in case the servicing professional needs to push the appliance away from its spot. The contractor may also need the space cleared to put out his servicing tools, or for parts of the appliance. Having a messed-up area could make him lose small things like screws, screwdrivers, hammers, etc. Also, ensure that the location where the repair or servicing takes place is well lit. This will enable the contractor to work much faster and easier.


3. Keep Tabs On Your Children And Pets

Aside from a cluttered temporary workspace, being constantly disturbed by children or pets may distract your contractor. It can lead to an imperfect job, or the contractor spending a lot of time doing something that should normally take less.

Consequently, your children or pets could be hurt by playing with the contractor’s work instruments, or even the ongoing work. So, for your contractor’s sanity, and your children’s and pets’ safety, they should not be within the vicinity of the work. Do your best to keep them highly occupied, or possibly take them to your neighbor’s house until the servicing or repair is completed.


4. Prepare Questions About How To Maintain Your Appliances

You should prepare a list detailing some issues you’ve observed with your appliances. This could inform your contractor early on of the condition of the appliances. Doing this one simple task could reduce the service professional’s time spent trying to figure out what’s wrong with the appliance. Along with this list, you should prepare questions about how you can properly maintain your appliances.

Ask for DIY maintenance tips that would enable you to take care of your appliances better, and how to use them to their fullest capacity. Knowing this information would reduce the machine’s susceptibility to serious technical issues that would require professional repairs. Ask questions about what caused your appliance’s problem, as well as how you can prevent it from happening again. You should also request for relevant tips on how to handle minor appliance defects that you can easily fix without professional repair.

You should be aware, though, that you shouldn’t handle major repairs with a DIY approach. You should always seek expert, professional services for major appliance repairs to avoid damaging the appliances even more.

washing machine repair

washing machine repair

5. Clean Your Appliances

The servicing contractor shouldn’t come only to be directed to dirty or grimy appliances. It would be disgusting if the contractor had to deal with your dirty appliances before they could even attempt to fix them. It would also be a waste of their time to wait while you try to scrub the appliance after they’ve arrived.

So, you should try to clean the appliance that needs servicing before the contractor arrives. If your washing machine is to be repaired, dirty wash water should not still be in it when the service professional arrives. If your cooking stove or electric or gas cooker is to be repaired or serviced, it should not bear stew or oil spills when the contractor arrives. Food crumbs, dried scum, or black particles from the fire shouldn’t remain on it either.

It would also help if you cleaned the surrounding area of the appliances. This also helps reduce the contractor’s risk of getting harmed while working. For instance, if the washing machine’s room is drenched with water, the technician could slip and fall while working. More so, they could be electrified by working with electrical appliances in a wet area. Oil spillage on the kitchen floor can also make the technician slip and fall.

In retrospect, if your appliances and surrounding area look clean, you also appear neat and professional.


6. Assess Your Payment Options

Find out the company’s payment options. Do you need to make an upfront payment or pay in full after the services have been rendered? Request for an estimate of your servicing charges and make adequate preparations for that. You wouldn’t want to have disagreements with the contractor concerning the payment after they've completed the job.

Also, try to find out the platform through which you would make the payment. This will help keep things professional and efficient. Make sure you have the right information to make your payment accurately. You don’t want to keep the technician waiting for too long once their work is finished.



Making adequate preparations anticipating the arrival of your service contractor is a benefit for both parties. So, while you’re expecting the appliance servicing professional to arrive, free your schedule, clean your appliances, and keep your children and pets away from the work site and the technician. If these measures and all others are considered, you should have a smooth, fast, and stress-free servicing visit.



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