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Is Bamboo Mattress A Real Key To Your Night’s Good Sleep?

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bamboo mattress

bamboo mattress

Have you ever thought of how important a mattress is to your daily life? Mattresses influence our sleep quality the most and directly correlate with the recreational value of our nighttime rest.

It is quite easy to get lost in the numerous types of mattresses that are available on the market: some promise you that you'll wake up more energized, others assure a healthier spine. However, what if we told you that you could have both at once? Mattresses made from bamboo will not only improve your general health but are also more sustainable.

What is a bamboo mattress?

Sleeping on bamboo doesn’t seem to create positive associations. We imagine hard stems of bamboo grass and find it troublesome to relate these to comfortable and healthy sleep. Even though these mattresses are actually made with the use of grass stems, bamboo takes a long way to develop into a mattress. After being collected, stems are turned into a soft bamboo rayon and memory foam, which later become parts of high-quality mattresses. As a result of hard work and innovative technologies, we get a luxurious product that is supposed to improve our physical health. 

We have learned everything about how mattresses influence our sleep and are ready to provide the full bamboo mattress review:

Bamboo mattress benefits

  • Bamboo mattress is hypoallergenic.

Dust mites are the biggest concern for those who are choosing a mattress as they are the most frequent cause of allergies. While some materials used in mattresses are quite prone to dust mites, others have lower chances to store the latter. That’s why the antibacterial features of bamboo mattresses come in handy. Bamboo rayon is famous for fighting pathogenic bacteria's natural capabilities.

People who are prone to dust allergies often admit that they have a fitful sleep and wake up broken and bad-rested. Switching onto hypoallergenic bamboo mattress is a wonderful solution to fix allergy-related sleeping problems.


  • It regulates your body temperature.

You might already be aware of how great the airflow is in bamboo fabrics. However, the airflow purpose is way more important when it comes to matrasses. During the nighttime, our body produces sweat that can cause excessive discomfort and ruin your deep sleep. Due to improved air circulation, organic bamboo mattresses have strong absorbing capabilities and can adjust to the outer environment's temperature.

An organic bamboo mattress is also the right choice for those who don't like waking up in sweat during summer nights and freezing in winter. Adjusting to the air temperature and your body's temperature, a bamboo mattress can provide you with some extra coolness on hot nights while also keeping you warmer in winter.


  • Bamboo mattress supports your spine.

Every part of the human body is interconnected, and the spine can be considered an overall support base of the organism. It is our spines that take the strongest hit, as we are becoming relatively less active and spend our days in front of computer screens with terrible posture. As a consequence, we experience back pain and low energy levels.

You have to know that healthy sleep is the key to a healthy spine and, consequently, to healthier body and mind. A bamboo mattress is capable of providing you with one because it fully supports your spine and neck, evenly distributing the weight of your body while you are sleeping.

Wide choice of these mattresses is also something that contributes to your healthy sleep: you can enjoy your rest on a king-sized bamboo mattress or choose a smaller queen-sized option.


  •   It's eco-friendly

As a grass, bamboo grows back itself without the demand for replantation. Most importantly, the production of bamboo demands very little water.

Growing back with the speed of up to 5cm per hour, bamboo is a consistent and self-sufficient material for mattress production.


  • Bamboo mattresses are affordable.

It takes a lot of effort to make a bamboo mattress: a careful collection of stems, the weaving of fiber and finally transforming it into bamboo rayon and memory foam that will later become a part of a luxurious mattress. Despite this, you will be surprised to know that the bamboo mattress option doesn't differ much from those made of cotton and synthetic materials. No matter if you're looking for a queen-sized bamboo mattress of any other variation, you will always find an option that satisfies your budget and doesn't compromise the quality.


In a word

Good sleep is the key to an excellent physical condition and a crucial element of stable mental health. Bamboo mattresses do an amazing job of keeping your sleep continuous and comfortable. Besides providing an even distribution of weight, support for the spine, amazing airflow and body temperature regulation, these mattresses also contribute to a conscious consumption of natural resources.







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