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Are Runner Rugs A Great Addition To Your Bedroom?

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Homeowners are often looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of their home, including redecorating and adding new furniture. One of the most common question asked is whether runner rugs are worth an investment. Is it better to keep one’s home décor simple or to splurge on a runner rug? A rug can be one of the simplest ways to add character or personality to your home. They do not only add color and comfort to your hardwood flooring, but they also protect them from wear and tear, especially in areas that receive a lot of foot traffic.

Can a Runner Rug Improve the Appearance of You Bedroom?

Runner rugs are quite popular, but when it comes to deciding on where to place them at home, one of the places that people least expect them to be in is the bedroom. But time and trends have changed. Can a runner rug improve the appearance of your bedroom? Yes, definitely! Placing a long runner rug in the bedroom seems rather outrageous, but it may be the one thing your bedroom needs to completely change its look!

If you want to add beauty, character, and comfort to your bedroom then using a runner rug can be a good idea. Runner rug nz is perfect for every home since it can fit in any space, including the bedroom, regardless of style, size, or design.

Imagine waking up in your warm, comfy bed in the morning only to step on ice-cold floor. Sounds unpleasant, right? This is the kind of feeling that you’d never want to experience in the morning. Fortunately, you can prevent this from happening by placing long runner area rugs on both sides of the bed. Doing so guarantees soft cushioning for your feet as you leave the bed in the morning. In addition, if your bed is the main point of the room, getting a small runner rug might help complement the bed, all the while improving the ambiance of your room.

There are definitely different ways to style and incorporate runner area rugs into the décor of your bedroom. In this article, we will provide information you need about how you can enhance your bedroom using these rugs.


What Are Runner Rugs?

Unlike its name, runner area rugs are not carpeting or floor coverings on which you run on. They are named as such because they are often used in spaces that get a lot of foot traffic. Examples of places where you’ll likely find a runner rug are the stairs, corridors, hallways, or house entrances.

Runner area rugs vary in size, colors, patterns, and styles. They come in modern, contemporary, traditional or shaggy designs. There’s plenty of options to choose from so you’ll definitely be able to find one that matches your room’s décor, theme, or color the best.

Runner area rugs can serve multiple purposes—from guiding people to specific areas at home, protecting the floor or adding a welcoming atmosphere to a room.


Benefits of Using a Runner Rug in the Bedroom

Like other types of rugs, adding a runner rug in the bedroom has numerous benefits. You should not miss out on this idea. Below are some reasons why:

  1. Protects your bedroom floor –a runner rug will not only give your room a homey feel, but it will also provide a level of protection for your hardwood flooring. The rug protects the floor against damages such as wear and tear and scratches from furniture and heavy objects.
  2. Provides comfort –a runner rug provides better foothold, which means that it not only keeps you from slipping on the floor, but it makes walking around your room a lot more comfortable. The softness of the rug keeps your feet warm and cushioned.
  3. Ideal for small spaces –due to the narrow width of these rugs, they are perfect for small spaces where large rugs cannot fit in. This is why runner area rugs are such a popular choice for homes. They are used to transform hallways, stairs, bedroom and bathroom floors.
  4. They make rooms effortlessly beautiful –like most rugs, runner area rugs make rooms feel more alive by injecting a bit of character to them. Runner rugs do this effortlessly simply by being placed on the floor wherever you want and watch them change the atmosphere and appearance of the area. Imagine waking up to such a beautiful sight every day?
  5. They connect spaces in the bedroom –getting the wrong size of runner rug can make your bedroom, corridor, or walkway seem disorganized and unattractive to look at. The best type of runner rug connects the spaces in y our bedroom to each other and make the entire space more aesthetically pleasing.
  6. They reduce noise in the bedroom –one way to successfully keep noise under control in the bedroom is by introducing a runner rug. Compared to bare, hardwood floors, runner area rugs are a lot quitter to walk on. The rug absorbs the sound of clacking heels and dropped objects.


Decorating Your Bedroom with a Runner Rug

Runners are quite beautiful. They add color, style, personality to any space they are added to. But before you go shopping for one, you need to figure out how to make the most of them when it comes to decorating your bedroom.

Once you understand how a runner rug can significantly impact your room’s appearance and how it works with your bedroom furniture, you’ll have an advantage in upgrading your bedroom with it. Consider the following measures to save you time and unnecessary stress:

  • Measure your bedroom –measuring the available space for your runner rug will help you from making any mistakes. A simple sketch of the bedroom along with the furniture and built-in features will save you from getting a rug that disturbs the layout and décor of the room.
  • Make sure the colors are coordinated –getting a rug that matches the color of your bedroom décor and other items that can affect your room’s appearance. Look for a rug that includes colors from your closet, wall art, window, bed, or bed bench, to unify the entire room. If you want to add a new color or to emphasize a color scheme, try to match your rug with the bedding, large Euro pillows, or accent pillows. This will create harmony in the room.







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