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Feline-Friendly Rug Cleaning Tips: Keeping Your Floors Fresh With Cats Around

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Cats are wonderful pets, providing us with endless enjoyment and companionship. However, they can also leave behind some not-so-enjoyable messes on our rugs and carpets.  As a cat owner, you may be all too familiar with these feline-induced rug stains that range from simple spills to unavoidable accidents.  Fear not! This comprehensive blog post will … Read more

Are Runner Rugs A Great Addition To Your Bedroom?


rug Homeowners are often looking for ways to improve the aesthetics of their home, including redecorating and adding new furniture. One of the most common question asked is whether runner rugs are worth an investment. Is it better to keep one’s home décor simple or to splurge on a runner rug? A rug can be … Read more

9 Ways To Upgrade Your Home With Area Rugs


rugA space is instantly more inviting and warm with area rugs. They can be used to define a living space or add dimension to a room. For example, an outdoor patio would benefit from a rug on the floor of the seating arrangement. A bedroom could use a runner in front of the bed for … Read more