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Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Getting Your Timber Flooring Installed

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Things You Should Be Careful About When Getting Your Timber Flooring Installed

Timber Flooring Installed

timber flooring

There is something about timber flooring that adds a touch of elegance and warmth to any room. Whether it is a dining room, a study, a bedroom, a kitchen or a living room, timber flooring changes the entire space. Installing timber floorboards yourself is a great way to save money. However, installing new flooring is harder than it looks and can result in a disappointing look if incorrectly done.

Here are ten common mistakes that you must avoid when installing timber flooring to makes sure the finished result is as per your expectations:


1. Compromising on Timber Flooring Installed Quality

Timber Flooring Installed can be a significant investment, and you wouldn’t want your new floor to get stains, dents, and scratches easily. Often, people compromise on quality in hopes of saving some money. This only results in the flooring getting damaged easily.

To ensure the durability of your new floor, make sure you purchase good quality floorboards. You can examine the flooring options available to you and test their longevity on the samples. Make sure that you go to the quality timber flooring suppliers in Melbourne to get the best possible materials for your new floor.


2. Not Taking Proper Measurements

Another mistake people make is not noting down the right measurements of the floor when they go to purchase the timber floorboards. Once you have carefully measured the floor space you have, it will help in determining the type of floorboards that will look best in the room.

Timber Flooring Installed come in a multitude of shapes and sizes. The typical ones are 80 mm wide, but you can also get 130 mm to 180 mm wide boards. It is ideal to go with wider boards if the room is big.


3. Placing Planks Too Close

Many home improvement enthusiasts end up putting the planks too closely together. This might seem like the right thing to do to make the results look more appealing. However, wood expands in humidity and not having any space between the planks for expansion will result in peaking and other related issues. Therefore, be sure to leave sufficient space between the floorboards to allow them to expand easily.


4. Starting the Project without a Layout

You must have a layout design to get the right aesthetic you are hoping to achieve. If you start installing the floorboards without any plan, you might end up with too many joints in some areas, unusual tones, or different plank lengths.


5. Not Considering Environmental Factors

While precision and skills are integral when it comes to a wooden floor, environmental factors can also have an impact on the installation process. These factors can include humidity, temperature and moisture levels. It is essential to control these factors during and after the installation to avoid potential disasters.


6. Neglecting Subfloor Preparation

Starting a new home improvement project can be very exciting. After all, you are about to change the entire look of a room with beautiful timber floorboards. Understandably, you would immediately want to start Timber Flooring Installed the panels as soon as they arrive.

Not preparing the subfloor first will lead to unsatisfactory end results. Therefore, you must first clean up the subfloor, even it out as needed and let it dry before you start the installation process.


7. Installing the Flooring without the Right Tools

The right tools will ensure that you not only end the project on time but also do it with precision. Using the wrong tools will not give you the same level of efficiency. Make sure you have all the tools you would need to install the Timber Flooring Installed.


8. Not Considering Recycled Material

Recycled floorboards in Melbourne are easily available and have also gained popularity in the past few years. The floorboards taken from old piers and warehouses can make sturdy and durable flooring. You can always conduct a moisture test before using the recycled material to make sure it will be sustainable. You will have beautiful flooring while also preserving the environment!


9. Installing the Panels in Wrong Directions

This is another common mistake many make while installing the timber flooring. The direction of the flooring isn’t something that’s in your mind while you are working. It is when you finish the project that you realize how important this factor is for an aesthetically pleasing end result. Placing the panels without considering the direction might not give you the expected look.

There isn’t a right or wrong way of laying your timber flooring. The direction you select is entirely up to you. The ideal way is to lay the floorboards lengthways as per the light coming from the door or window. This technique highlights the natural beauty of the timber.

Make sure to consider the size and shape of the room before deciding how to lay the panels. For instance, install the boards along the length of the room to make a small room appear bigger. If you are installing the floorboards on top of the existing ones, be sure to lay the panels perpendicular to the previous floorboards to maintain stability.


10. Forgetting the Finishing Touches

The finishing touches can enhance the overall beauty of the timber flooring. Since you will have the expansion gaps between the panels, cover them with pipe covers, beading, skirting board or other flooring accessories. Moreover, don’t forget to polish the timber flooring to get that clean look and to add shine.

Whether you want to install new timber flooring in one room or throughout your home, be sure to keep these points in mind to avoid any errors. To maintain the durability and sleek look of the newly installed flooring, regular maintenance of the floor is integral. Sweep the floor every day as usual, and mop it every week to eliminate any stains and maintain its quality. If you don’t have experience with home improvement projects or don’t have the right tools and skills, it is best to leave the floor installation project for the professionals.


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