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7 Advantages Of Oil-Based Finishes For Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank FlooringWhen you install flooring, it is important to protect it against the wear and tear it will experience for years to come. Choosing an oil-based finish, as opposed to a water-based one, will prove superior for a variety of aesthetic, economic, and personal reasons. Table of Contents: 1 1. Polishing2 2. Spills3 3. … Read more

Best Flooring To Buy In 2020

wood flooring

wood flooringWith the way 2020 has started, flooring may be the last thing on your mind. However, as they say, “The show must go on.” When it comes time to install flooring, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Floors are a long-term investment and choosing the appropriate material on the first try … Read more

Flooring Ideas | Best Ways to Upgrade Your Flooring on a Budget

Flooring ideas

Quick Navigation Flooring Ideas – Types of flooringVinyl flooringGet Laminate Flooring DoneOpt for Floating FloorsBamboo Flooring Looks GreatStencil Wooden FloorsCeramic Tile FlooringThe Final Word Flooring Ideas Cheap – Types of flooringFlooring ideasThe flood of expenses and rising inflation leaves you worried about your budget every single month. Some day or the other your house also … Read more

Avoid These 10 Mistakes When Getting Your Timber Flooring Installed

timber flooring

Quick Navigation Things You Should Be Careful About When Getting Your Timber Flooring Installed1. Compromising on Timber Flooring Quality2. Not Taking Proper Measurements3. Placing Planks Too Close4. Starting the Project without a Layout5. Not Considering Environmental Factors6. Neglecting Subfloor Preparation7. Installing the Flooring without the Right Tools8. Not Considering Recycled Material9. Installing the Panels in … Read more

Epoxy Floor Coating: The Ideal Solution To Attractive Floors

atlantic metallic epoxy floor

Quick Navigation Make Your Floor Beautiful With Epoxy Floor CoatingDurabilityResistantCost-EffectiveSafety Easy to CleanProtectiveBeautyEasy to InstallWatch This Video To Learn More About Epoxy Floor Installation Make Your Floor Beautiful With Epoxy Floor Coatingatlantic metallic epoxy floorThe floor is one of the largest areas in a home but seldom noticed for its aesthetic value. However, interior designers … Read more

6 Best Wood Flooring Trends To Follow In 2020

wood flooring

Best Wood Flooring Trends To Follow In 2020wood flooringWood floors give your house a homely feeling. They are simple yet luxurious and not at all expensive as they used to be. Today, you have dozens of color and design options for wood flooring that are no more expensive than tiles. There is a misconception that … Read more

Tips For Taking Care Of Your Floor Polishing

floor polishing

Best Floor Polishing Tipsfloor polishingPolished concrete floors are known to be attractive, durable, and require low maintenance. They are a powerful and economical way to transform a large space in a fairly short time, transforming old concrete into an attractive and dust-free surface. However, while polished concrete requires little maintenance, it is not zero maintenance … Read more

3 Durable Flooring Ideas That Won’t Break The Bank


Durable Flooring Ideas Bright living room with striped throw rug, pai. 3d Rendering.Are you in the market for a new floor and looking for something that will last for a long time?  There are certain types of flooring that you can get that are built to last and are easy to take care of.  Why … Read more