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6 Best Wood Flooring Trends To Follow In 2020

Best Wood Flooring Trends To Follow In 2020

wood flooring

wood flooring

Wood floors give your house a homely feeling. They are simple yet luxurious and not at all expensive as they used to be. Today, you have dozens of color and design options for wood flooring that are no more expensive than tiles. There is a misconception that they require high-maintenance, whereas, the fact is entirely opposite. They are strong, stain-resistant, long-lasting, and you can refinish or repair them for a new look. If you have made your decision of installing a wood floor, here are six best trends that you should follow.

Basic Installation Patterns to Inspire You!

Random Pattern for the Rustic Look:

The random pattern is perfect for people who love to break the rules and have a thing for rustic styles. This pattern’s rule is that there is no rule in terms of the width and size of the boards.

Pick up any width board – narrow or wide – install it on the floor, and it will complete and enhance the look of your floor. The selection of the board width on ‘a bit of this and a bit of that’ rule is okay because it is all about playing random cards here.


Diagonal Pattern for a Twist:

Okay! Now, here you need to do a bit of mathematics. The diagonal pattern is similar to the straight pattern, just with a difference of an ‘angle’. Instead of installing boards from wall to wall, you lay parallel boards from corner to corner at a 45-degree angle.

This pattern adds a luxurious touch to traditional patterns. After all, it always looks cool and feels so refreshing to add a bit of a 45-degree twist in your straight life – no?


Herringbone Pattern to Go All Patterned:

Though this pattern has a long history, recently, the interior designing world has seen a revival of love for the herringbone pattern. Significantly, those who want to give their interior a more patterned and uber-chic appeal are falling for this pattern – and we can understand why.

This pattern gives your floor a visually stunning value because zigzagged boards and laid like twilled fabric look aesthetically so upright that it gets hard to not fall for this pattern.


Parquet Pattern for Fancy Touch:

This pattern is a shout out to all the chess lovers because this pattern has sneaked the check pattern of the checkerboard. This pattern goes into play by placing wooden planks in a geometric pattern as if you are creating a checkerboard on your floor.

It is a bit costly to install a traditional parquet, but if you still insist on this flooring with a tight budget, then prefabricated square patterns can save your day without getting a hole in your pocket.


Wood Colors and Style Trends to Stay Trendy!

Two-Toned Wooden Floors are ‘In’:

No one likes two-toned skin, but the two-toned wooden floor is a big-time ‘yes’. You can go with a combination of dark and light colors, two different shades of dark colors, or two different shades of cool colors – whatever suits your aesthetics and styling.

No matter what combination you choose, one thing is guaranteed that it is an amazing idea to install two-toned wood boards on your floor. Things never go wrong with two-toned wood planks for all the right reasons!


Whitewashed Hardwood Floors Have Bounced Back:

The 80’s whitewashed floors are back in the scene, and no one is complaining. People still cherish the chic styling sense of the 80s, and whitewashes have their own share of love.

So, yeah, whitewashes are back and are more powerful than ever because now this trend is reinvented to fit into the 21st-century styling. And today’s subtle whitewashes are so pleasing and happening that from Hampton’s Villas to Caribbean houses, you are going to see them everywhere.



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