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How To Keep Footprints Off Laminate Floors? 

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If you have a laminate floor at your home and office, you would have to deal with getting dirt and stain on the floor. The footprint is one of them; what makes you more worried about how to keep footprint off your laminate floor? Though it is a sensitive floor, some people think that prints are not as much as harmful for the laminate floor. But they are wrong. If footprints stay for a long time without taking care of them, it will be obstinate on the floor, and it can permanently harm your floor. That might be something serious to worry about.

 On the other hand, some laminate floor owner tries not to allow shows on the laminate floor. But it does not work as they want. Don’t worry, here you can find some splendid idea of how to keep footprints off the laminate floor?   

How to keep footprints off laminate floors?  

Cleaning footprints on laminate floors and preventing footprints on laminate floors is not the same thing. Don't clean the laminate floor too much, but your noticeable footprints on the floor.


Dry Cleaning:

The best way to keep clean, dirt, and dust free and footprint off on the laminate floor is regular dry clean. If the footprint mark does not have a greasy or oily component, regular dry cleaning will help you to keep it fresh and new. You can clean it twice a day to ensure that footprints do not damage your laminate floor. You do not need to use any wet chemicals during the job done. This is also appropriate to prevent hardwood floors from footprints.   


Clean with a Vinegar Solution:

Vinegar is the most widely used cleaning solution. We know vinegar is a non-toxic and natural cleaning product that is available at your home. And you can clean most hard surfaces and laminate floor. First of all, take one spoon of vinegar with 3 liters distilled water. Then mix all of it in a spray bottle. You will spray on those areas where the footprints are visible. After applying the solution, use a dry mop or cotton cloth to clean out the foot stains.  


Apply Mineral spirits and Warm Distilled Water

Mix mineral spirits with distilled water in another cleaning solution that can clean your laminate floor effectively. It avoids stuck footprints on the surface of the floor. Take a mixture of 50-50 with water and mineral spirit, then mop or wipe gently by mopping pad or cloth. After mopping, you should dry the whole area. You have to allow enough time to dry. This will significantly reduce the chances of footprints getting stuck on your laminate floor again.  


Sweep the floor

Although there are a lot of sweeping tools are available, but you need a perfect sweeping mop like a wet mop or dry mop. Swiffer Sweeper WetJet mop is the best to remove all types of footprints on the floor. It releases warm steam that takes oily and greasy spots of dirt. One the other side, it does not harm the laminate floor as well as hardwood flooring.


Vacuum at First to Remove the Loose Dirt and Debris

A vacuum is the best process to remove the dirt and dust on the floor. Its something has fallen on the floor that has a hard or sharp notch, and when you traditionally clean the floor, the things may cause scratches on the floor. That is why choose a laminate floor vacuum and clean the floor properly. For doing this process, you do not need any chemicals or solutions on the floor. If your laminate floor is being wet or oily substances, then vacuum is not the perfect solution.


Laminate Floor Mistakes 

Using too much water to clean: Using too much water can seep into the cracks between the planks and cause swelling. It can damage the floor permanently. A little water makes a long way on a laminate floor.  

Sweeping or vacuuming improperly: It can do more damage to your laminate than the dirt. If you use a vacuum cleaner, be sure to avoid scratching the surface of your floor. For sweeping, a clean microfiber dust mop can be more suitable on the floor than bristle brooms.

Keep heavy furniture away: Although beautiful furniture can complement a laminate floor, heavy furniture pads can scuff and scratch on the laminate floor.

Plants: If you have potted plants on your laminate surfaces, it can cause damage that may be hidden temporarily. Be aware of water on the plants. If it is possible, then move it up into the higher surface.


Last word:

There is a set of sweeping equipment such as a dry mop or a wet mop that you can use to clean up footprints if they are not already frozen or too hard on the laminate floor. Since you will clean the floor daily, you can wipe the stain with a wet mop. Get more ideas at Flooring Forest.

To reduce the floor-cleaning process, use warm distilled water is a better option than plain water. The reason is that warm water is more likely to remove spells of greasy and greasy dirt from wood floors.

You can use this method if the footprints have already been dried. With your choice of cleaning material, ensure that your job in enough to clean the laminate floor. Complete each and every section until you get a healthy shine.







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