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Here Is Why You Should Stop Using Steam Mops On Your Floor

Reasons You Should Stop Using Steam Mops On Your Floor

steam mop

steam mop

Steam mops are mops specifically designed to clean your floors by producing steam along with the pressure that forces its way into tiny holes and crevices that a regular mop would miss.

They are also known to clean up to 90% of germs when cleaning the floor. Because of this, a lot of people have considered steam mops to be environmentally friendly and better an option over other cleaning methods such as the use of harsh chemicals to remove stains.

 As much as the steam mop offers a lot of advantages, it proved to cause more harm than good, and this is why many floorboard companies like The HouseWire recommend mopping with such products occasionally.

Using a Steam Mop Can Damage Your Floors

Nothing feels as bad as having your floorboards damaged just a little while after you got them. Using a steam mop might give you desired results even more than expected, you might also get so used to the fact that it provides better results than other cleaning methods. However, when a steam mop operates on a floor for a certain period, it begins to weaken and would end up damaging it if not stopped.



It is imperative to note if your floorboards have holes and spaces in it. A steam mop uses steam and pressure to do the cleaning. Having these two things build up over time on your floor would cause permanent damage.

Some say that steam mops are okay for floorboards without spaces, but most times, they have cracks and crevices that are invisible to the naked eye. Without you realizing it, the steam gets into places, and along with the pressure, it begins to weaken the floorboards and in a short while you have a damaged floorboard.


What To Do?

So to be on the safe side, it is advisable to avoid using steam mops on your floor and stick to a vacuum cleaner and the regular mops, this way you know you will get the value for it before getting a new one.


Using a Steam Mop Can Make Your Warranty Void

When you get a new floorboard, it comes along with a warranty period, and just like other household products, the warranty has its own rules and regulations.



There are some ways a floorboard should and should not be treated, and no one knows this better than the producer. On sale, they let you know some harsh chemicals that could damage the floorboards and other electronic devices that could pose a threat to it.

Using such substances and appliances on the floorboards would mean you have deliberately put the product in harm’s way and therefore render the warranty void. Even if other factors might have caused some damages to the floorboards, the fact that you used one of the restricted things on it has canceled all warranty agreements you might have with the company on purchase.


What To Do?

Therefore, you should avoid using steam mops on your floors as most companies do not allow it on their product. It is because they know the danger it poses to the longevity of the product, and they expect you to acknowledge it and abide by the instructions. Not just for the warranty, but also for your product, try to avoid using steam mops on your floor.


Using a Steam Mop Can Cause Mould and Mildew Build-up

It is widespread knowledge that moist areas support the growth of mold and mildew. It is also possible when using steam mops. As previously explained, steam mops use pressure and heat from steam.



Most of these steam mops require to be filled with water and not any other substance. When functioning, this water turns to steam making it easier to get into cracks and crevices and condense, forming little puddles and making the area moist. When this happens, the humid area supports the growth of mildew and molds. It does not only pose a threat to the look of your floorboards, but it could also cause a foul smell in your home.

Most of the time, it is hard to find where the odor is coming from because the growth takes place in cracks and crevices until it becomes visible through your floorboards. Getting rid of them could require harsh chemicals that harm your floor and damage them.


What to Do?

If you care about your floorboard, then you would avoid using a steam mop on them.



Just like a lot of other electronic household appliances that help to reduce stress, the steam mop also comes with its side effects, which pose a higher threat to your floorboards in the long run.

Sticking to the use of existing yet effective cleaning methods such as the use of a vacuum cleaner and a regular mop would not only keep your floorboards clean but also maintain the quality and overall longevity of your floors.



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