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8 Reasons To Use A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

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Why You Should Use A Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuuming carpet

Vacuuming carpet

Your home can appear squeaky-clean and still be dirty. The Vacuum cleaner is a type of appliance for the home that can easily remove the undetected specks of dirt and filths. Your need and demand determine the type of vacuum cleaner you are going to buy. Now a day there is various types of vacuum cleaners available in the market. Stick Vacuum cleaner is the lightweight version of the upright vacuum cleaner. It is comparatively easier to use. Here are eight reasons why you should look for a Stick Vacuum Cleaner.

Weight and size

Stick vacuum cleaners are less weighty in comparison to the Canister or Upright vacuum cleaners. Both elderly and younger people can find it convenient to use. Because of its portability, a stick vacuum cleaner can be easily moved here and there in an apartment or a bigger house. Just imagine carrying a huge vacuum cleaner to clean some crumbs, it will be very inconvenient. Stick vacuum cleaner will be the right pick for this job.

The compact size of the stick vacuum cleaner makes it look better than the heavier ones. It can be stored anywhere in the house.


Goodbye to the bag

Vacuum cleaner usually appears with a bulky sized bag with it. The bag plays the role of the dirt container. But the Stick vacuum cleaner comes with a fairly small container attached with the stick. The collected dust gets contained separately. One can easily avoid the hassle of dragging a bulky container by using a cordless stick models vacuum cleaner. The lightness of the weight of the container increases mobility. Thus, it can be taken hither and dither for cleaning without much toil.


Apt for hard floors

It should be noted that Stick vacuum cleaners work like wonder for hard floors. As in India or Bangladesh, most people do not use carpet flooring. Using a bulky vacuum cleaner for a few hair strands or pet hair is unimaginable. In this case the stick vacuum cleaner is just suitable for cleaning the hard floor. Sometimes a trivial cleaning can be most important.


Easy Cleaning

The main purpose of a vacuum cleaner is to clean. And a stick Vacuum cleaner makes this job easier. The added accessories of such vacuum cleaner are placed in such a way that they don’t make it harder to work with. While cleaning, a stick vacuum cleaner can be leaned down to any furniture. No need to bend while cleaning. One does not need to move heavy and bulky furniture for cleaning purposes. One can simply work with a stick vacuum cleaner moving it to and fro.


Easy storing

While it comes to storing a vacuum cleaner, one needs to prepare a bigger place for it. But stick vacuum cleaners are considerably smaller in size. Hence, it can be stored in any place. People living in smaller apartments will find it handy. Students living in hotels, lodging rooms or one-room flat can easily use it and store it at any corner of the room. It is also suitable for motels, inns or small shops. The smaller size of the stick vacuum cleaner makes it look decorative and convenient to use. Some stick vacuum cleaner appears with well-mountable designs. It helps in saving space!


No allergy

By vacuuming regularly indoor atmosphere can be made allergens free. A stick vacuum cleaner can wipe out various tiny things a larger vacuum cleaner cannot. It intensifies the purity of the inner atmosphere of a house by removing allergic particles from the air. It clears well the pet hairs and any sort of allergic specks with it.


Can clean many things a larger vacuum cleaner cannot

Vacuum cleaners bigger in sizes often cannot reach corners or baseboards of houses. Some bigger vacuum cleaners are not suitable for rough or wooden floors. Stretches on the floor can be caused by larger vacuum cleaners. A stick vacuum cleaner comes with additional attachments and that can work like two or more in one. Another vacuum cleaner might reach many places of a house but not any near a stick vacuum cleaner can. Its strength lies in its flexibility.


Easy to maintain

In our everyday busy life, we look for things that are easy to maintain. I stick vacuum cleaner won't take much of one's precious time. It has a compact dirt container attached to it. The work is done once the container is simply dumped. There's no need for extra equipment to get rid of bigger bags like other vacuum cleaners. Parts of a stick vacuum cleaner hardly need to be repaired. But one should carefully dump the container outside. Otherwise the indoor air might get contaminated by allergies.


It is Versatile

The Stick vacuum cleaner is essentially versatile. It is light weighted and wireless. It runs on a battery. Do not forget to select a vacuum cleaner with a battery life of 45 minutes. The battery-powered usage makes it more convenient. As it is cordless, it can be taken or moved  anywhere. One can simply avoid the hassle of taking care of multiple cords. It has a HEPA filter attached with it that helps cleaning the indoor air and to wipe out tiny particles from the surfaces. 


Quite household

If you prefer a quiet house then a stick vacuum is definitely a good choice for you. Households are noisy and often causes disturbance to the tranquility. For a peace-loving family a stick vacuum cleaner is just the thing they need. For example, KENT Crystal vacuum cleaner produces less than 86 db noise. A stick vacuum cleaner will do fine for a house with less dirt.


Lastly, if you are regularly away and worried about space and noise constraints, go for a stick vacuum cleaner. It also works better on non-carpeted floors. It might not be a good choice for coarse dirt but it will do just fine for apartments or houses with fewer filths.  It is viable and gets started quickly. Elderly people can easily work with a stick vacuum cleaner. It can be used as a supplement for the cleaning job. If it is taken care of well, it will last for a long time.



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