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7 Advantages Of Oil-Based Finishes For Flooring

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Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl Plank Flooring

When you install flooring, it is important to protect it against the wear and tear it will experience for years to come. Choosing an oil-based finish, as opposed to a water-based one, will prove superior for a variety of aesthetic, economic, and personal reasons.

1. Polishing

Whether you have a linoleum or hardwood floor, its initial shine will not last forever. Consequently, you will occasionally need to re-finish the floor. How often you need to re-finish it depends on the amount of traffic it receives. For instance, side areas in your kitchen will remain polished and sparkling. However, dull lanes where people cross the kitchen to get to the sink or refrigerator will develop as the polish wears away.

Oil-based finish, however, is sturdier. Consequently, it will endure foot traffic much better than water-based finishes. Additionally, it will repel rain, snow, and dirt without breaking down.


2. Spills

Water-based spills will erode water-based floor finishes. However, oil-based finishes will repel water, wine, or pet urine. Additionally, if you have a leak in your plumbing, an oil-based finish can endure long periods of abuse before it starts to erode.


3. Appearance

Polyurethane is an oil-based finish, and when it dries, it creates a reflective depth that water-based finishes cannot provide. Consequently, your floor will shine for years. In terms of certain woods, such as mahogany, oil finishes will deepen as time passes. Consequently, the depth of the reflection will increase, helping to make your floors more attractive as the years roll by.

Additionally, your floor will reflect light better, helping to lighten the room. If you have a hardwood floor, the oil-based finish can draw out the highlights in the grain. Moreover, it can deepen the shade of the wood, making light-colored woods richer.


4. Cost

Oil-based finishes cost, on average, much less than water-based finishes, helping you save money immediately at the cash register. However, they also save you money over the years because they do not require you to sand and polish the floor every two years or so. Because a gallon of finish can be expensive, you can end up spending a lot of money if you have to polish the floors in several rooms. Simply put, you should save as much money as you can.


5. Multiple coats

An oil-based finish will allow you to apply several coats, each of which can be sanded. As you increase the grain of the sandpaper, you can achieve a glass-like appearance. Once buffed with a soft buffing pad, your floors will glisten. Water-based finishes, however, do not build up with the quality and endurance of oil-based finishes.

Being able to add multiple coats also builds up a thicker shell over the floor. The result will be a glistening floor capable of rebuffing foot and pet traffic and all the debris tracked in from the outside.

In terms of the physical impact that occurs from such things as dropped dishes, the tough shell provided by an oil-based finish will help to protect your floors. With such protection, they will be less likely to scratch or ding, which helps the floor to maintain its value should you ever go to sell your home.


6. Ease of use

Oil-based finishes are much easier to apply. All you have to do is apply the finish with a floor brush, working your way backward from a wall to the room's entrance. Doing a good job takes time, and the drying time for an oil-based finish allows you to go slowly. A water-based finish, however, dries quickly. Consequently, you have to move quickly and make a few mistakes. For the average person, water-based finishes require a level of experience that most people do not have.


7. Daily upkeep

Finding a quality finish is as easy as conducting an online search for "quality floor polishing Brisbane." Additionally, maintaining your floor is just as easy. For instance, a water-based finish can develop rough patches as it erodes. However, with an oil-based finish, all you have to do to maintain the floor is sweep it. For spills or dirt, mopping will not harm the floor. If you have a sponge mop, all you have to do is clean the floor with soapy water and allow it to dry.



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