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6 Smart Things You Need To Consider For Your First Water Tank

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water tank

water tank

You're looking to buy a water tank, but you're not sure where to start? Don't worry; we got you covered. In today's article, we expound on six smart tips you need to consider before purchasing your first water tank.

1. Cost and Type of Water Tank

Before your first purchase, you need to know the cost of the water tank. More so, the type of material used on the tank can influence its price. For a modern household water tank, the common materials used are:

  • Plastic
  • Iron
  • Steel

Each material poses different strengths and weaknesses. Plastic tanks are cheap and readily available but are susceptible to cracking. The more durable counterparts, such as iron, can easily rust and contaminate your water supply. Nonetheless, there are significant water tanks fabricators in Australia who provide quality products for all-round use.


2. Where Will You Store the Tank?

Do you have sufficient space to store a huge 20,000-liter water tank? Or, do you require a smaller one instead? The position of your water tank is essential to optimal performance and future servicing if need be. Ideally, you'd want to place your tank on a leveraged point.

Gravity can circulate water in the event of pump failure. However, if space is an issue, your water tank can be submerged halfway into the ground.


3. How Much Water Do You Use?

When searching for an ideal tank, ensure it is adequate for storage. Evaluate how much water you'll need for your daily, weekly, and monthly use. During water shortages, your tank will help sustain your family.

Whether you require water for primary household duties like showering, cleaning, cooking, etc. or commercial use, determining your water consumption is imperative to purchase the right water tank.

If you're using a water tank for agricultural purposes, then look towards one capable of supplying water to your crops and animals efficiently. An adequate sized water tank will ensure you store enough water.

For smaller tanks, having a buffer installed will guarantee your pump doesn't malfunction when your water storage is depleted. Once you ascertain the required water volume for your needs, searching for the tank now becomes easier.


4. What is Your Main Source of Water?

There are several means of water sources which include:

  • Rain
  • Borehole
  • River water
  • Dam

How you derive water from these sources correlates to the size and placement of the water tank. If your water source comes from the rain, the top of your tank should be below your roof. Having it higher than the roof will result in less water collected.

However, if you collect water from a borehole, then you'll need to raise your tank far above the ground and support it with a solid structure. Also, it would help if you avoided direct exposure of your plastic tank to sunlight since it will cause it to burst.


5. How Often Does it Rain?

If your area experiences frequent rain, you can take advantage of this. Instead of settling for an expensive borehole metal tank, you should invest in a cost-effective plastic one and reduce expenses.

Depending on the amount of rainfall, a large tank is essential for storing more water for dry seasons to come, especially if these seasons are extended.

It's quite common for your tank to collect debris while it rains. Purchasing a filter will separate sediment from your water supply. More so, a water purifier is essential to clean your rainwater for safe use.


6. Do You Have any Pipes and Electricals Set Up Already?

Another thing to consider is the pipes, wires, and electronics required for optimal function. When buying your first tank, if you don't have the recommended machinery and gear set up, you'll need to acquire them during installation.

If you decide to place your tank a distance away from your building, bear in mind more pipes will be needed to channel the water to you. Besides, you'll require a powerful pump and, in some cases, an amp to increase the pressure fully. Add these costs to the initial price of the water tank.



There are many things to consider when buying your first tank. But, with our smart tips, we help give you an edge while avoiding common financial pitfalls.



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