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6 Advantages Of Painted Timber Shutters

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Timber shutters give your home or office a warm and natural feel. Timber often creates an atmosphere of joy and peace. Window Shutters Brisbane provides you with an array of options to choose from and help beautify and improve your property’s appearance.

Painted timber shutters have a wider array of possibilities than ordinary timber shutters. It is more advisable to paint your timber shutters and here’s why;


Humidity and air, in general, can easily corrode wood. Where wood is covered by paint, there’s a less likely chance that it will wear out. You may have to paint over some stains to avoid any destruction, but when your painting is done professionally using quality paint, it may be a long time before you have to paint again. Paint is also easy to paint over whenever you need to remodel or change your shutters' color. Shutters maintenance is done after a few years or so unless the idea is to remodel your house, such as with a new paint job.



Painting your timber shutters gives you a wide array of colors to choose from that can help you in your house's interior décor. Shutters provide a beautiful addition to a house, and having color creates a warm and inviting look. Matching your furniture or art pieces with the timber shutter can make your house look bigger or cozier, depending on the colors you choose. Interior designers often use warm colors on walls or shutters to help the other pieces or colors in the house to pop. Buying your painted timber shutters from a professional company allows you to ask questions that can help you decide on the best color for your house.



Paint is used a lot on various materials, especially by companies, because it protects anything underneath it, including wood. Weather elements such as rain are very likely to affect wood. Constant subjection to these elements can destroy timber because of the rot.

However, if painted, this will only affect the paint and not the timber underneath hence protecting it from corrosion. When your timber shutters have undergone a quality paint job, then the wood has higher chances of lasting longer because it is protected. This means that you don’t have to keep replacing your shutters.



Timber can become weathered over time. A new painting job can help in covering these flaws. This is especially true when you notice an issue, but you feel that it is not time to replace it yet. Painting is easier than stained wood because when repainting, one does not need to strip the paint until they get to the wood. A professional paint job can be done, and you'll have your shutters looking brand new again. This reduces the cost of having to remodel your shutters every couple of years.


Saves Cost

By preventing corrosion, painting your timber shutters ensures that there is little to no cost, especially when you purchase your timber shutters from a reliable company. This is because it could take you the longest time before a need to repaint it arises. Also, based on the fact that your timber is well-protected, you will not need to replace your timber shutters for a long time.


Thermal Heat Protection

With the right quality paint, you can trust that your shutters are adequately protected from harsh temperatures, especially during summer. This prevents the peeling of the paint and corrosion of the wood due to high humidity. This can come in handy, especially if your home or office is at the coast where humidity is higher than in other regions. Getting a good company for your window shutters is imperative because it ensures that you have the best timber shutters and that the paint that has been used is quality.

The most important part of buying timber shutters is finding a company that is well aware of your needs. A good company will provide a wide array of colors that you can pick for your window shutters and give you something that can fit your decor while still ensuring that the paint's quality and timber shutters will surely last long. Also, when selecting the color, consider the color of the rest of your house and go for something that will complement the rooms.



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