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Best Flooring To Buy In 2020

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wood flooring

wood flooring

With the way 2020 has started, flooring may be the last thing on your mind. However, as they say, “The show must go on.”

When it comes time to install flooring, it is a decision that should not be taken lightly. Floors are a long-term investment and choosing the appropriate material on the first try is vital.

Your flooring choice must consider design, installation, maintenance, and the budget. Here are the top flooring options for 2020 and how each might suit (or not suit) your needs.

The Criteria

We touched briefly on what your considerations should be when deciding which flooring is best for your home. Here is a more detailed list of things you should think about before narrowing down your choices:

  • Budget: This one is probably toward the top of your list of concerns. The price must be right.
  • Family: Do you have young kids? How about pets? These factors can point you toward something more durable.
  • Installation: Various installations require extra purchases like padding or underlayment. This will also be a major factor if you are attempting a DIY floor installation.
  • Return on Investment: Is the extra cost now worth it in the future? Are you planning on selling your home with these floors installed?
  • Space: Not every room suits every type of flooring. Carpet in the kitchen? Doubtful1
  • Style: It is important to consider interior design and the adaptability of flooring to future design changes.


The Best Flooring to Buy in 2020


Carpet has been around for quite some time and continues to be a popular choice in homes. While hardwoods and various synthetic flooring materials have been around for some time, a carpet quietly goes about its business.

Carpets from Mackay are popular for its soft, cozy feeling and its ability to prevent that terrible cold floor underfoot feeling. It is also ideal to reduce noise in rooms.

Carpets are very cost-effective as both the material and installation are affordable. Carpet does require padding but the additional cost still keeps this material affordable.

Maintenance typically involves simple vacuuming. Some prefer to hire out a professional to clean the carpets, which is a good idea to remove any bacteria or stubborn stains.


Ceramic or Porcelain Tile

Ceramic tile is non-porous and can stand up to almost any environment. It is attractive while being waterproof.

Ceramic or porcelain tiles can be challenging to install, so they are not ideal for DIY homeowners without flooring experience. While these tiles can chip or scratch, individual tiles can be replaced.



Hardwood floors are the star of the flooring materials show. Any remodeling show highlights the obsession with “original hardwood” floors. Hardwoods can last many decades, making them one of the long-term investments in the flooring world.

While the return on the investment over time can be great, the upfront costs to install hardwoods (materials and installation) can be staggering. This leads the material to be more popular on the main floor of the home while less expensive options are installed elsewhere.

Hardwood requires upkeep in the form of resurfacing, as the floors can develop dents and scratches over time. Sanding and staining can be laborious and expensive.



Laminate floors are a budget-friendly option that are relatively simple to install. They can be quite durable and the upkeep is very simple.

This type of flooring can be subject to moisture damage and repairs are usually impossible, leading to replacement. Laminates do very well in areas of high-traffic that do not see much moisture.


Stone Tile

Some people may be surprised that natural stone can be used indoors until they realize that granite, marble, and travertine are also natural stone tile options.

Stone upkeep and maintenance is variable, depending on the particular material used. Stone floors are beautiful but can be cold and expensive.


Vinyl Plank

Synthetic flooring has become quite popular due to its durability, affordability, and realistic appearance. Vinyl planks are very easy to install and require minimal maintenance.

Durable vinyl plank and vinyl tile flooring can be found to mimic almost any other material including ceramic, stone, and wood.


Emerging Flooring Options

2020 continues to see the emergence of alternative floors. Some are sustainable or natural alternatives to other synthetics. Options include:

  • Bamboo: Highly sustainable with a regeneration time of 3 to 5 years.
  • Cork: Low in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs). Also good to reduce noise.
  • Marmoleum: A sustainable alternative to vinyl.
  • Parquet: A classic making a resurgence as formal spaces are reentering the home.
  • Rubber: Non-slip and good for home gyms or playrooms.
  • Terrazzo: Very expensive but show stopping natural flooring made from stone chips.

The choices of flooring materials do not seem to change much year-to-year but the options continue to be perfected and improved. Materials once frowned upon, like vinyl, have become respectable, attractive options for both their appearance and affordability. Other options become more accessible and easier to install.







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