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Interior Design Trends: What’s Hot In 2023?

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Turning a house into a well-designed home doesn’t have to be a chore when you know what to look for. What’s hot in 2023 will look good for years to come. And best of all, these interior design trends are pretty easy to pull off. Your home can have the on-trend look you desire and be a hit with your guests.

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Curvy Furniture

The curvy shapes that the 1970s were known for are making a comeback in 2023. Upholstered pieces like nice large ottomans, sofas, and armchairs are being reconceptualized with undulating designs that can be soft and subtle or bold and asymmetrical. These pieces will often command the attention of the room, so pairing them with patterns and complementing shapes can round out the look.


Bold Monochromatics

That’s right, matchy-matchy is in. Purposeful bold monochromatic room landscapes are a sophisticated winner. Match the walls, the chairs, and the sofas to the lampshades, and even the rug. Go for it! Monochrome doesn’t have to be boring. Choose warm, bold colors, jewel tones, and saturated earth tones for an unforgettable and elegant look.



When incorporating patterns into your interior design it’s important to remember the first rule of using patterns: There are no rules. Patterns have a way of bringing excitement and drama to a room. Try your hand at layered patterns to get a truly standout look that gives the room more texture. Use patterns easily on walls, window dressings, and floors.


Functional Art

Artists are playing with form and function in surprising ways that are starting to blur the line between the two. Chairs crafted from wine corks or consoles constructed with mosaic tiles are fully functional pieces that can also be used as any other chair or console would. Oftentimes these pieces of functional art become the focal point of a room and are the main topic of discussion.


Upholstered Beds

Beautiful, comfortable, and elegant upholstered beds are a trend that will be around for quite a while. They’re luxurious and stand out in any bedroom regardless of the style of the room. Upholstered bed frames come in a variety of sizes and can stretch far up the wall for a more dramatic effect, or create a cradle for your mattress in beauty and elegance. There are a lot of styles, from studded to stitched, so you can pick the right one for your decor.



Geometric patterns and shapes are a great addition to a room. You can add a little geometry to almost any design. It can be as simple as a side table with a geometric base or a piece of geometric artwork. Or it can be as dramatic as a geometric patterned floor or wallpaper. There are a lot of ways to use geometry in your room’s design and in 2023, it’s a catching trend that’s turning heads.



Velvet is luxe and elegant, and not everyone loves it, but a little velvet can go a long way in a room’s design. You can even mix velvet with some of the other trends of 2023. A velvet upholstered bed or velvet curved furniture is a wonderful way to punch up a decor.

Of course, every trend isn’t going to appeal to you or complement your decor effortlessly, but when you come across a trend that really resonates with you and makes your heart sing, go with it and lean into it.







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