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Tips For Taking Care Of Your Floor Polishing

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Best Floor Polishing Tips

floor polishing

floor polishing

Polished concrete floors are known to be attractive, durable, and require low maintenance. They are a powerful and economical way to transform a large space in a fairly short time, transforming old concrete into an attractive and dust-free surface. However, while polished concrete requires little maintenance, it is not zero maintenance free.

To get the most out of your floor polishing investment, it is important you care for it the right way. Here are some tips to help keep your polished floor in top condition and ensure it serves you well for a long time.

1. Create A Schedule

It is important for the cleaning schedule you create for your polished floor to match the level of traffic received by the floor. If the floor experiences heavy traffic, you may need to do the cleaning twice in a day – morning and evening cleaning schedule. It is important you clean your polished floor regularly because of dust, debris, and other particles can easily take their toll on the finish.

Though the floor may look clean after a couple of days, it doesn’t take long for particles to create sandpaper effect and this will gradually ruin the floor finish and give it a rough look.


2. Avoid Using Harmful Substances

Some cleaning substances can be harmful to your polished concrete floor. For instance, waxing your polished floor is a bad idea and can cause irreversible damage to your floor. For starter, if you apply wax on your polished concrete floor, you’ll void the warranty. Plus, the wax will accumulate over time, and you will need to remove it, and this will lead to the dull finish for your concrete floor.

Additionally, avoid placing the tape on your polished concrete floor because it’s adhesive may cause damage when been removed. Also, degreasers should be avoided at all costs because they are abrasive that can discolor and dull your finish. Any floor cleaning solution that has acids cause scratching and remove gloss in the finish. When purchasing a cleaning solution, make sure you read the labels to ensure they have a neutral pH level.

Finally, make sure water doesn’t come in contact with your floor for the first few days after installation. With that, the sealers will have time to heal properly; your floor sanding company should give you this information.


3. Use the Right Tools and Cleaning Solution

Regularly cleaning your polished concrete floor is vital, but no amount of cleaning will be enough if you are not making use of the right cleaning tools. You can either clean your concrete floor manually or utilize automatic cleaning equipment. Either way, you need to take precautions to prevent your floor from getting damaged.


Manual Cleaning

You need to sweep the floor to remove dirt and other particles. Ensure you buy a microfiber mob as it can protect your finished floor than most of the harsh materials that can dull or scratch your floor. Also, make sure you clean up any spill instantly to reduce the level of leakage into the permeable area. If you must use a cleaning solution, ensure you select a pH neutral solution.

When cleaning, make sure the cleaner stays long enough to loosen the particles, then remove the solution with the dirt from the floor before it dries. When cleaning solution dries on a polished concrete floor, they will likely create a dull haze, which can cause discoloration. To be safer, start with smaller spaces to prevent it from drying before you have the chance to clean it. Also, if you make use of a wet mop, make sure the water and mop are clean to avoid spreading more dirt.


Using Automatic Gear

You can use an automatic floor cleaner, but ensure it is furnished with soft pads and non-abrasive. Hard pads can cause scratching and damage the finish. Plus, ensure the wheels on the cleaning equipment are made of materials that cannot scratch your polished concrete floor.


4. Call in the Professionals

We recommend calling in the professionals for occasionally burnishing, buffing, and detailed up-keep. After several months of regularly cleaning your polished concrete floor, the finish may start fading and eventually lose its gloss. The certain length of time mostly depends on the level of traffic, abrasive substances tracked into the house, and the way you use your floor. When this happens, it is best to talk to a professional that specialized in polish designed for concrete floors.


Wrap Up

Polished concrete floors are becoming a popular choice because they are durable and affordable. There are several specialized cleaning solutions and tools you can use to tackle this type of floor. When you follow the tips above, you can keep on top of your cleaning and maintain incredible appearance for years to come.



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