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Understand What You Should Do When Your Basement Floods

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How To Clean Basements Floods

Basement Floods

Water curing of floor

Have you come home to a flooded basement or woken up to one?

Basement Floods in your basement can quickly damage your property, accounting for a huge loss of your investment. Basement floods, whether they are caused by a burst pipe or other issues, can be a real headache. It can cause a lot of damage and be very costly to repair. If you are experiencing basement flooding, an insurance adjuster from Chicago can assist you in getting your home back into working order. Insurance adjusters use their experience in dealing with different situations and disputes to help people get what they deserve. 

Enlisted below is a quick list of how to clean a flooded basement. Follow these steps diligently, and you will be able to prevent further damage.


Address Health Issues  

No matter the level of water in your basement, keep your kids and pets away from the area. Stagnant water can be a breeding ground for disease-carrying bacterias and parasites. So, take careful precautions.

Additionally, wear boots, gloves and a mask for protection. You may not know how polluted the water may be.


Make Sure The Basement Is Safe To Enter

First things first, access how dangerous the situation is. Do not enter the basement while the power is on.

If the level of water is high enough to come in contact with electrical appliances, you could get an electric shock. So, before you enter the basement, shut off the electrical supply around the area. 

Furthermore, if you notice water rising up to any gas-fired appliances, turn off the gas valve. In case you don’t know how to do it, call the gas company and ask them to cut off the supply. 


Identify The Source Of The Flood

Next, determine the source of the water.

Scan the entire basement and identify how the water is getting in.

Is it due to burst pipes, clogged drains, backup sewers, plumbing fixtures, or simply because of the heavy rainfall? (In case of the latter, you will have to wait for the weather to change. Meanwhile, you can ease the situation by extracting water.)

Once you find the source, stop Basement Floods, and move on to the next step, which is saving essential items from the flooded basement.


Protect Your Assets By Basement Floods

Unplug all your devices, before you start moving around in the basements. 

Begin salvaging your belongings by moving them upstairs. Now, it is important to note that protecting everything from the ruin may not be possible, so you will have to prioritize.

Rescue items that are irreplaceable and expensive. Important documents, electronics, and family albums are some of the things that should make to the list.


Extract The Water

Depending on the level of water, adopt certain ways and tricks to remove water from the basement.

  • If the water is comparatively shallow, try mopping the area. 
  • Use a sump pump or wet/ dry vacuum for water that is several inches deep.

Once you have extracted the water, it’s time to dry out the area, which brings me to the next point.



The faster you can dry a wet basement, the less you have to worry about water damage repairs later.

  • Open up the windows to allow natural evaporation of the Basement Floods.
  • Use dehumidifiers and fans to speed up the drying process and discourage the growth of mildew.
  • Run your A/C constantly.


Begin Cleanup 

Get rid of damaged electronics, wet boxes, drenched furniture items (only the ones that cannot be cleaned and dried), soaked rugs, and carpeting. 

If you have a lot of ruined stuff to take care of, call the professionals to discard all your waste.



Disinfect the area to prevent the formation/ growth of moulds and other bacterias. These dangerous pathogens multiply in damp regions. So before you start disinfecting, ensure the area is completely dry.

  • For the floors and walls, use a mixture of bleach and warm water.
  • Mix disinfectant in warm water for drenched furniture.
  • Buy a mould and mildew remover, and wipe down exposed areas of the basement with it.


Call Your Insurance Company

If you have insurance that covers Basement Floods damage, make sure you inform your insurance provider ASAP. Your insurance may pay for all the repair costs and the services of a water damage restoration specialist. So, talk to the company and confirm your coverage.


Final Thoughts

No matter the cause, wet basements pose a major threat to the foundational and structural integrity of your home. They can also lead to mould buildup throughout the house. That said, you must follow these steps to salvage your property from further water damage. Moreover, you should call professionals for water removal and restoration of water damage in Frederick. They use advanced equipment for extracting standing water and also check for hidden leaks in the property. 

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