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10 Best Soundproof Flooring Materials And Product To Make Soundproof Home

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Make Your Home Soundproof With These Products And Best Soundproof Flooring

Most homeowners are bothered about the external noises that enter their home and disturb their family. They try many materials and methods to block the incoming noise and create a silent environment in their house. However, it is impossible to soundproof a home without using the right materials.

There is a variety of materials available for soundproofing homes and offices. You need to choose the one that suits you the best as per your budget and requirements. Also, there are products available that homeowners can use for soundproofing their homes.

Homeowners can use the soundproofing materials on their floor, doors, and windows to prevent the external and minimize the internal noises. So, let us explore some soundproof flooring materials and products to help you soundproof your home.

 Best Soundproof Flooring Steps

Mass Loaded Vinyl

Best Soundproof Flooring


Using mass loaded vinyl is one of the easiest ways to soundproof your home. The material is thin, but it is very dense that is absorbs most of the incoming sound. Due to its low thickness and sound-absorbing capability, it is one of the best materials to use under carpets in any room.


Acoustic floor tiles

The Acoustic floor tiles help to reduce the echo effect and reverberation that occurs due to the incoming sounds. Homeowners usually install ceramic tiles in their homes that are not much help in the absorption of sound. Therefore, it is good to install acoustic floor tiles to reduce the reverberation and echo effect in your rooms.


Floor Underlayment

Best Soundproof Flooring


Hardwood flooring and tile flooring are also the best options to make a house soundproof as both of them offer to excel sound absorption. Underlayment is a material that you can apply over the subflooring and under the final flooring board like hardwood, tile, etc. Cork, foam, rubber, and vinyl are some of the common soundproofing materials used for floor underlayment.


Sound deadening insulation

The stuff homeowners use for the floor joists can also be used under the flooring as it does the same job of soundproofing. The dense material in the joists prevents the echo effect in your rooms. There are many other materials that you can use under your floor tiles for better sound absorption.


Things to look while buying soundproofing materials

There are many things that homeowners need to consider while buying soundproofing materials for their floors.


Thickness and Density – When it comes to soundproofing, thickness and density play an important role. More the density more is the capability of a material to dampen the sound waves. Similarly, more the thickness more it can block the sound from passing through it.


Sound Transmission Class – STC is a numeric rating applied to products that indicate their soundproofing ability and quality. Higher the STC, better is the product in attenuating the noise. Homeowners should look for the STC rating while buying any product for soundproofing.


Impact insulation class – The impact insulation class abbreviated as ITC is the rating that shows how the material is at blocking the noise. The rating is used for both the ceiling and flooring materials. Some materials are for floor underlayments that are used under carpets, hardwood, and vinyl floors for the absorption of noise. So IIC is the rating assigned to a floor underlayments based on the material and the floor assembly on which it is to be installed.


Some products for soundproof flooring 

Homeowners who don’t want to get into the details of materials can use the readily available soundproofing products for flooring and other applications.


Roberts Super Felt Underlayment

The product is made of soundproofing of floors in homes and offices. It is a high-performance underlayment made up of recycled fibers for the absorption of sound. If you want to have a laminate or engineered floor in your home, the Roberts Super Felt Underlayment can be the best choice.

It comes with a film overlay that helps protect the laminate and engineered floor from moisture. The overlap and adhesive strip offer quick and convenient installation.


Quiet Walk Plus

The Quiet Walk Plus is another soundproofing product that homeowners can use as an underlayment for hardwood, laminate, and engineered floors. You can use it under vinyl, WPC, and LVT floors but not under ceramic tiles. The installation is a bit challenging, and need to be done by professionals. The product has received a Greenguard certification for low chemical emissions and hence safe for home interiors.


Stalwart Foam Mat Floor Tiles

Best Soundproof Flooring

Foam Mat Floor Tiles

If you want an inexpensive but high-quality soundproofing solution then, you should go for Stalwart Foam Mat Floor Tiles. The best advantage of these tiles over other materials is that you can install them over your existing flooring.

Also, you can use them when required and remove them when you don’t need them. The product is best for those living in apartments and rental properties as they can remove them when they decide to leave. The tiles are made of light EVA foam that provides excellent sound absorbing and noise reduction properties.


Clever band Neoprene Carpet Roll

Neoprene is an excellent material used in wetsuits for protection from moisture. Neoprene is similar to the structure of EVA foam but contains a more spongy texture. It is 0.7 mm thick and won’t make a significant difference for the floors, but offer excellent sound absorption in homes.

Despite the low thickness, the material is excellent due to its high density. The product does an excellent job of reducing the impact of noise with hardwood flooring. Also, it is one of the most cost-effective materials available in the market. However, it may not be as effective as other available materials.


Final Words

These are some products and materials for soundproof flooring. However, merely using soundproof materials on your floor does not soundproof your home. It is also important to soundproof your doors and windows from where the external noises enter the home.

There are a variety of materials for the soundproofing of doors and windows. The aluminum double glazing Melbourne windows offer excellent insulation and soundproofing. Investing in soundproofing materials can help homeowners to create a quiet and peaceful environment for their families.



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