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How To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan With Light Or Without?

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Complete Practical Bathroom Exhaust Fan Guide

This is probably the only thing that keeps your bathroom dry and clean always. Imagine a bathroom full of moisture. Very soon you will notice mold and mildew inside. Your bathroom will be full of bad smell. The only thing that can keep it going is your exhaust fan.

It’s electrical equipment and like every electric equipment, its power starts to decrease over time. If you don’t keep it clean, you won’t get its full performance. Your bathroom will start to get foggy again. Eventually, your bathroom fan may even cease to function at all.

You get the idea of how important it is to keep your bathroom exhaust fan clean, right? They are expensive and once they stop working, it’s gone! You have to buy a new one. If you have to buy a new one, consider buying a Panasonic exhaust fan.

If you don’t want to spend money again, make sure your bath fan is clean so that it can work properly. Don’t be afraid. In this article, I will show you how easy it is to keep your exhaust fan clean and always working.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Effective Ways To Clean Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Cleaning the fan is easy that what you might think. It’s just a few minutes’ processes. But you have to collect some things like the following:

  • Step stool/ladder.
  • Hand-held vacuum cleaner.
  • Scrub brush
  • Screwdriver (optional)


Now that you have everything, it’s time to start working. If this is the first time you are cleaning it, you will probably find it super dirty and full of dust and dirt. The very first thing you can do is vacuum clean it so that you can get rid of any visual dirt from the fan cover. But don’t forget to completely turn off electrical switch first!

Vacuum cleaning the excess dirt and dust is important because you do not want the bathroom floor to get dirty such dust. Now open the fan cover to clean the fan motor. It’s a delicate step, so take your time and do it patiently.

Bathroom Exhaust Fan

bathroom fan

This is what you should do….

Grab the fan cover on both sides and pull down toward you. Your fan cover is probably attached to the ceiling with metal springs. Now squeeze the metal springs together so that the cover comes right out. After you completely detach the fan cover, it’s time to completely clean the cover.

Here is an important step that you must follow; otherwise you will mess up everything. Now, take a couple of pictures of everything inside the fan. That will help you tremendously when you need to put it back into all the parts of your fan.

Use water to clean loose dust. Rinse it down the tub or sink. Use soapy water and scrub brush to clean it completely. After giving it a proper scrub, rinse it with clean water and let it dry. 

Now it’s time to clean the motor and interior housing of the fan. It may be hard to reach but vacuum clean the housing as much deeper as you can. You gotta be super careful while cleaning the inside housing. Make sure you do not unplug any wires while vacuum cleaning.

If you are afraid you may knock the wiring loose, no need to vacuum clean the housing at all. Apply your common sense and get rid of any excess dust and dirt as much as you can. The best way to clean the inside of your fan is using the dusting attachment of your vacuum.

Once everything is cleaned and you are satisfied, put the fan back together. Do everything reverse what you have done to detach the fan. If you forget something, have a look at the pictures you have taken while detaching the fan.

Test run the fan to see if it is working. If everything is working, the job is done. To keep the fan clean always, do the same cleaning cycle every two or three months. 

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Summing Up

You start your day by going to the bathroom. A fresh shower takes off all our tiredness. But each time you go to the bathroom, moisture grows inside your bathroom as well. Only a working bathroom exhaust fan can fix that. You gotta keep it clean always just to keep it up and running.



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