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A Touch Of Luxury: Why Your Bathroom Deserves The Best Makeover Possible

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Best Bathroom Makeover Renovating Ideas

Bathroom Makeover

Inexpensive bathroom remodeling

Remodeling the family bathroom has big paybacks in increased home value and added functionality for the family. No one enjoys bathing and getting ready for the day in a tired out-of-date bathroom. Chipped sinks and crowded countertops are not pleasant to use. But, if the homeowner takes the time and financial commitment to hire a contractor to remodel the bathroom, everyone will be happy. The time the bathroom is out of commission might be inconvenient. But a new modern bathroom will make all the sacrifices worth it with more bathroom ideas.

How To Get The Best Bathroom Makeover

Decorating and building experts recommend these steps in the remodeling process to avoid disaster and disappointment.

  1. Figure out exactly what the family wants in the new bathroom. What do you like about the existing bathroom and what do you dislike? What changes does the family want? What color scheme and finishes do you want in the new bathroom? Do you want a glass shower enclosure? Go to capitolglassnyc.com for information on bathtub and shower enclosures.
  2. Take the time to do a little research on what well-designed modern bathrooms look like. Look at decorating magazines and online decorating sites to see images of bathrooms that appeal to you. Find out what bathroom remodeling should cost and what each feature might cost. Do a little comparison shopping for the type of fixtures and finish materials you are considering.
  3. Figure out a realistic budget for the project, leaving a little extra for design changes along the way. Once you have a budget, you can price different features to see if they are affordable.
  4. Bathrooms include both electrical work and plumbing changes, so hire a general contractor to oversee all the licensed tradesmen. Interview several contractors specializing in bathroom makeovers and choose the one who meets your needs the best.
  5. Keep a close eye on the progress of the job and on materials as they arrive. Is this the material that was ordered, is it damaged in shipping? During the bidding and design process, make sure all the wanted features are in the plan. Choose a modern energy-efficient toilet, textured tile for a no-slip shower floor, and the best modern plumbing. Consider using two-inch diameter drain plumbing instead of the smaller ones commonly used.

Make sure Bathroom Improvements Are There

Do you want both a shower and a separate bathtub? Is there room? Does anyone in the family take baths? A combination bathtub shower is also a viable choice. Is there a window in the bathroom? Can one be added? Bathroom ventilation is a must and natural ventilation via a window is the best. If there is no window a ventilation fan must be incorporated into the plan. Recessed medicine cabinets keep a lot of personal care items and medications within reach but hidden.


Lighting is Important

Don't neglect the bathroom lighting. Bathrooms need good, gentle lighting. A dimmer switch is a good addition to the lighting plan. Over the vanity lighting must be color correct and without glare or shadows for applying makeup, shaving, and doing one's hair. Consider adding a safe lighting fixture in the shower. The family will thank you.

The whole purpose of remodeling a bathroom is to improve it to be more efficient, more stylish, and more pleasant for the family to use. Don't skimp by choosing cheap materials in the bathroom. Bathrooms get hard use every day and need attractive, durable finishes and fixtures to remain in good condition and attractive.







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