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6 Different Types Of Bicycles Everyone Should Know About

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Different Types of Bicycles 



Everybody needs a getaway from daily life, get out of the stuffy cars, and breathe in some fresh air for a change. With spring in the setting, this is the best time to get away on an outdoor picnic and maybe hit the bike.

What's that? Do you own a bike that isn't comfortable and doesn't support sandy trails? Then it can become difficult for you to go down the beaches or ride off-road. The problem may be that you may have invested in the wrong type of bike to start with.

Bicycles are an excellent means of transportation that also provide good leg and lower body workout. Not to mention the thrill they offer. But to get the best rides and go on fun trips that prevent you from falling and getting jammed onto surfaces while riding, you need the perfect bicycle. The following are some types of bikes that may help you carry out a trek better than others. So read on and get bike-acknowledged.


Road Bikes

There are times when you feel like taking a light ride on a bike that catches speed fast and is easy to handle. That's what a road bike can provide you. Road bikes have thin tires and handlebars you can lean on to go on higher speeds. These bikes are made to go on-road or any hard surface trail. A road bike is comfortable to ride and helps to pick up the pace.  But make sure that you don't buy this bicycle to put weight on it or take it to rowdy pathways as it won't be able to support them.


Hybrid Bikes

If you want to get on a bicycle that has features of a road bike and mountain bike combined, then you have hybrid bikes. These bikes can be taken out every day for running close-expanse errands or morning workouts. They ride just fine off-trail and support more weight. But are not lightweight to pick up speed or aid in long-distance rides. A hybrid bike has medium-sized tires and upright handlebars.



Cyclocross is the most suitable bikes to go on unruly surfaces. They can help you travel through surfaces like mud and grass as they are not native to paved paths. Cyclocross has large tires that prevent dirt from forming on the bike. You can use it for daily commuting and thrilling rides. It's quite the bike that can be affordable to you and also pay up for the buck spent on it.


Fitness Bikes

No, they are not workout dedicated bikes. Fitness bikes constitute of those lightweight and narrow tiered bikes that can climb both paved and unpaved trails. These are your go-to bikes for loading and moving cargo to go on trips. A fitness bike gives you the advantage of an upright handlebar than a laid one to have a more comfortable drive.


Tandem Bikes

On a sunny day, when you feel like flowers are blooming fuller than usual and the weather is smiling at you, what could be better than having a refreshing bike ride with your partner? Getting on a tandem bike for two can make romantic picnics more ethnic and enjoyable. These bikes can be two seats joined to any of the bikes present in the industry. So make your pick by choosing the type of tires and seating that would be comfortable for you and the partner.


Touring Bikes

The perfect ensemble for covering long distances. Touring bikes offer precisely what they are named after, relaxing rides on long tours. They are dainty like road bikes and also tough enough to carry cargo. A touring bike comes with all the necessary bolts to hold your racks of essentials in place. A lower gear range is what constitutes a touring bike to make going up steep hills more comfortable with heaps of luggage. One of the most widely adopted categories of touring bikes are mountain bikes, as they are built for the rough and tough terrains. You can find affordable mountain bikes for as low as $500 and start your adventurous journey.

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