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Bathroom Remodeling Trends You Don’t Want To Miss Out On

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Gone are the days when people regarded washrooms as a mere unit of functionality. Now, people put a lot of thought into designing or structuring their bathrooms. They are the most coveted rooms in any house. So, they associate luxury and relaxation with all the right reasons.

Every year people spend millions and millions just on their bathroom renovation. Some adorn them with gold-plated faucets, whereas some spend a fortune on the marble and bathtubs alone. In colder parts of the world, people have started to use flexible heaters, and we do not blame them. Who does not want a cozy shower to unwind after all?

There is no denying that some new trends emerge and old ones fade out every year. Interior designers keep coming up with fancy trends now and then. So, it is necessary to go through the latest ones before making changes around your house.

Whether you want to alter the bathroom interior entirely or spice up a few things only, we have some excellent ideas. Browse through the given list for inspiration.


1. Silicone Heat Pads

There are a ton of reasons why you want to remodel a bathroom. But first, we will talk about necessity.

If you feel your bathtub is too cold or the interior you chose is chilly, you need a custom heating system. Our experts believe that the popular flexible Kapton heaters are in demand for the right reasons. They can easily fit into any application and offer excellent heat distribution.

But, there are different types of flexible heaters, so it is necessary to do your research before getting yourself one. You can even get it customized that best suits your needs.


2. Lighting and Luminance 

Swapping the light bulbs or adding new ones is an instant game-changer. Consider buying them in different shapes and light colors when constructing a remodeling plan for your bathroom. Go for energy-saving LED lights in unique styles. Big heavy lights are also an option if you want something fancy. 

Whether it is a statement-making chandelier or playful string lights, a change in lighting can help you change the style without costing extra bucks.


3. Bathroom Vanities

The past couple of years of the pandemic has slowed down our routines. It has helped many of us to follow a proper morning regime. So, it is very understandable why bathroom vanities are an emerging trend now. If you have enough space, adding a built-in vanity to your functional unit can help add luxury to it.

As the concept revolves around making bathrooms more peaceful, a mini spa is another rising trend. It is more like removing all the unnecessary clutter to maintain a clean, organized, and calm place.


4. Vintage Vibes

bathtuv window

The outlook of any space greatly depends on how you choose to accessorize it. Where significant changes are transformative, small ones make an impacting statement too. So, it is about time we wisely accessorize our bathrooms. 

Choosing a theme is necessary to set the mood. Out of all the designs, vintage vibes never go out of trend. Whether it is an armoire mirror or wooden drawers, vintage furniture will instantly add a visual depth to the bathroom. Likewise, vintage doors and knobs can also become attractive pieces in your bathroom design.


5. Tiling

black tiles bathroom

Tiles have made their way back into the trend. Homeowners are opting for dramatic floor-to-ceiling bathroom tiling. This year is all about choosing the tiles that accent a bathroom.

Pick a soothing and muted color that seamlessly sits with the central theme. Calming green, muted grey, or cool blue can help you set a subtle vibe. You can also pick small tiles for a mosaic look or choose a big one with an irregular shape for an earthy appearance.

Undeniably, tiles are a versatile and sustainable option that you can have when planning to remodel your bathroom. Consult an interior designer on how to add style to your space with tiling without it becoming overwhelming. Also, another trend is incorporating floor film heaters, especially in areas that can get really cold during the winter.


6. Marbling

Marble is a recurring interior trend that keeps coming back every other year. The clean, crisp, and natural appearance of marble drives professionals to incorporate at least a few marble elements in their designs. Marble comes in a variety of forms and patterns. The delicate designs can elevate the visual interest and make a statement of classic luxury.

However, marble can get extremely cold in winter. If you plan on getting marble flooring or walls, you will need custom-designed flexible heaters to go with them.


7. Corner Washbasins

If you are remodeling a small bathroom and have no idea where the washbasin must go, this trend is for you. Make room for your sink in the corner. Corner sinks do not only save space but have a certain vintage charm to them as well. The idea is perfect for a powder room remodel. 

However, that is not a compulsion. This idea can work great for a single person’s bathroom as well. It might not work best for a shared bathroom. You will need two sinks that offer more space to adjust the washing and skincare essentials.


8. More Storage

As we discussed decluttering the space as much as possible, we need to discuss storage plans. Fortunately, the idea of fewer cabinets is fading out. Maybe homemakers have realized how messy a place can get without enough storage. Whatever the reason is, we are thankful!

When considering remodeling your bathroom, do not shy away from adding plenty of room for storage. Add shelves and cabinets for towels, toilet paper, extra shampoos, and other bathing essentials. 


The Bottomline

It would not be wrong to say that bathrooms are a sanctuary that people desire after such a long and worn-out day. If a washroom has some fresh vibes to offer you, the showers are even more enjoyable.

The bath designs ultimately depend on you because it is your relaxation unit. Therefore, everything sums up to the place that makes you happy and comfortable. You can always consult with a professional and prioritize your preferred style and functionality over any seasonal trend.







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