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Your Interior Decor: 8 Bathroom Renovation Tips To Apply

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Bathroom Renovation Tips & Interior Decor Tips For Your Next Renovation

Property owners who are ready to revamp their bathroom designs review a variety of floor plans, innovative concepts, and often seek the advice of interior designers. New updates and upgrades increase the value of the property, and the owner gets more out of their investments. Property owners who need advice review 6 bathroom styling tips to apply during their next renovation.

Renovating the bathroom is no easy task. Everything has to look neat, stylish and modern after the remodeling but the plumbing has to be executed perfectly so leaks would appear soon after.


Essential Bathroom Renovation Tips.


1. Install a Freestanding Bathtub

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Quartz Bathroom Countertops

Freestanding bathtubs are popular among property owners and provide exceptional benefits. The designs provide more versatility and style for the room. Customized tubs provide ample space for the property owner and increase their enjoyment levels. The products come in a variety of colors and shapes that coordinate well with the overall concept. Painted Bathtubs add a splash of color into the room and accommodate the chosen color scheme well.


2. Use Floating Vanities

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Remodel

Using a floating vanity also makes more room inside the living space. Floating vanities are designed with enough counter space for daily grooming products, but they don't take up floor space. Some property owners prefer the installations over more traditional installations. Larger-scale floating products offer large drawers for storage with stained wood designs and elegant brass knobs. Floating vanities also provide detached options for the faucet and basin. For example, waterfall designs are more innovative and provide a more sophisticated style for the bathroom.


3. Bathroom mats

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Carpet Materials

A single stylish bathroom mat will be enough to soak in all the excess water and allow for a more efficient cleaning procedure. Tiles in the bathroom should have a glow to them but their surface is still going to be slippery, even if they come with anti-slip finishing. If your bathroom is large in size, then you can add more mat; next to the toilet bowl, for example.


4. Heated Toilet Seat

Mostly ignored but very essential bathroom addition only experienced people recommend! It soothes your body physics, a simple Heated Toilet Seat can go long way. You can look more on Bathroom Remodel Portland.


5. Choose Better Lighting

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Vanity Bathroom

Homeowners that choose better lighting for their bathrooms maximize their investment. Lighting concepts make the living space brighter and light up vanities well. Dimmer switches allow homeowners to adjust how much like is in the room and relax in a hot bath more effectively. Inferior lighting hinders the aesthetics of the bathroom renovation and depreciates its value.


6. Hiding the Toilet

Bathroom Renovation Tips

Bathroom Furniture

Hiding the toilet is a great way to create a more elegant bathroom design. After all, no one wants to enter a newly renovated bathroom and the first thing they see is the toilet. Improved designs position the toilet in its own little space with a door for added privacy. The right design could accommodate a toilet and a bidet depending on the property owner's preferences. Reviewing the floor plans that offer hidden toilets gives homeowners a better understanding of the full benefits they acquire with their choice.


7. Add Larger Patterns to the Decor

Bathroom Renovation Tips


The illusion of a larger bathroom is possible when choosing large-scale patterns for the walls and curtains. Contractors used to recommend painting the walls white or other lighter colors. Today, wallpaper designs with larger patterns do the trick. Popular choices include dogwood, floral scroll, large stripes, feathers, and abstract.

8. Choosing a Corner Sink

A corner sink frees up space within the room while providing adequate functionality. In more quaint bathrooms, the corner design prevents the sink from taking over the space and offers a smaller cabinet underneath for storage. Some products are available as a wall-mounted option that places the sink at a better height. Corner sinks designs allow the owner to position larger items into the room and create a more balanced look, too.



Property owners who want a new bathroom design start with the lighting and ensure that their choice keeps the space well-lit. Versatile bathtubs take away the boring traditional styles and make the room more unique. Hiding the toilet and installing corner sinks could maximize the space and give the owner more privacy. Reviewing tips for bathroom renovations gives the owner a better perspective on increasing property values and getting more out of their renovation.






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