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Bathroom Renovations You Can Do Without Breaking The Bank

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renovate bathroom

renovate bathroom

For many homeowners, doing a DIY bathroom renovation on a budget is an inexpensive way to make their homes more comfortable and increase their value. To help make the project as affordable as possible, savvy homeowners turn to bathroom renovation ideas on a budget. According to Oneflare, a bathroom renovation can cost anywhere between $5,000 and $25,000+. Using the tips below can help you transform and redesign your bathroom on a tighter budget.

DIY Bathroom Renovation On A Budget

Renovating the bathrooms in your home provides a wide range of benefits. It can help to create a more comfortable and relaxing environment, enhance its appearance and make its elements more attractive, easier to use, convenient, and energy-efficient. Better space utilization, improved lighting, making it easier to clean as well as increasing the value of your home are just a few of the benefits of renovating your bathroom. But, doing it yourself can make renovating bathrooms on a budget more manageable and more rewarding.

It can make your bathrooms look and feel great while you get to save a lot of money.


Where You Can Save Money On Renovations

There are lots of ways you can save money when you do a DIY budget bathroom renovation.

Especially if you're the crafty, handy, and meticulous type, you can transform your bathroom into something you have envisioned. DIYers find immense satisfaction in building and creating beautiful stuff. It’s deeply ingrained in their psyche But, if you’re not one of them, it would be best to seek the help of professionals.  If you need help renovating your bathroom on a budget, visit this website.

From affordable, stylish wallpaper to repurposed, refinished, small vintage dressers and inexpensive bathroom flooring, there are lots of ways to save money with cheap bathroom renovations. Here's a look at a few of them.

1. Walls

Adding wallpaper can be a quick fix for hiding blemished walls while adding that 'WOW' factor. Wallpapering your bathroom is affordable, practical, and aesthetically pleasing.

Using attractive, inexpensive, metallic wallpaper can add a bright, modern appearance that can make your bathroom pop. Combining it with white wall paint can make a bathroom look more extensive and spacious. This budget bathroom renovation can be done every year to keep your bathroom looking fresh and new. Flowers or a painting or two can add a splash of color. Fill all cracks and holes and remove loose paint before wallpapering.

Today, there are so many options for wallpaper that you can buy online, and you don’t even need to step out of your house. Order it from reputable e-commerce stores, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.


2. Paint

paint bathroom

paint bathroom

Painting tiles and ceilings is a valuable, yet often underestimated inexpensive method for remodelling, renovating and transforming a bathroom. A fresh, new coat of vibrant looking colorful paint has the power to change the way your bathroom looks and feels instantly. Often, merely painting your bathroom in a new color scheme can quickly and

affordably give your bathroom an entirely new feel and appearance. With a few small vital upgrades, your bathroom can feel fresher, brighter and better than ever. Even an old bathroom, given a fresh coat of bright white paint and some upgrades, can look brand new.

In planning to paint your bathroom, you may try to use the psychology of color so you can achieve the desired effect you want.  For instance, using blue on your wall provides a calming effect and will increase the relaxation level you’d wish for your bathroom.  Meanwhile, using yellow promotes happiness and optimism, a nice color to see when you wake up in the morning.


3. Floors

Want to transform your bathroom floor on a small budget? Remove the dated laminate or vinyl floor cover, reveal the floorboards hiding below and it will give your space a warm, natural finish. Paint the floorboards navy, charcoal grey or white, and it will give the bathroom a wonderfully modern look. Most bathrooms are so small, so if you want to retile the floor, one of the cheap remnant batches from a local flooring store is a good source of all the tile you need to cover your bathroom floor. Measure the square footage of the bathroom and get a remnant batch with about 10% more than the amount you measured to cover any cuts and mistakes that you make.


4. Vanity

bathroom basin countertop

bathroom basin countertop

Sprucing up and recycling an old piece of furniture to make a unique custom vanity is a great way to save money when renovating your bathroom. An attractive looking stand-alone vanity or dresser from a thrift store can easily be converted into a new vanity with a sink and mirror that makes the bathroom look more stylish. Look for

thrift store items that have personality, character and class like refurbished vintage dressers that can be used as a sink pedestal. Repurposing thrift store items for use as part of your bathrooms on a budget renovation is a fun and creative way to save lots

of money while transforming your bathroom.


5. Lighting

Want to jazz up or glamorize the lighting in your bathroom as part of a DIY renovation project? Put some strips of energy-efficient LED lights in a frame behind the bathroom mirror or use some easy to install pendant lights. They can add ambiance, modernize, freshen up and change the look and feel of the entire bathroom. A new lighting type and style can include vertical lights flanking the mirror and providing maximum light, ideal for applying makeup. LED light strips behind bathroom mirrors are both functional and striking. The soft glow from the strips adds versatility, luxury and elegance with the indirect lighting and glowing effect behind a floating mirror inches from the wall.


6. Add Inexpensive, Versatile, Shelving

bathroom shelves

bathroom shelves

Adding inexpensive, versatile, attractive shelving as part of your DIY bathroom upgrade is cheaper than getting new cabinetry. Installing shelving is an excellent alternative to new bathroom cabinetry. It can provide lots of storage space for far less money. Some wall-mounted shelves behind the toilet or decorative floor-standing units which free up your walls can provide all the storage space that you need. You can use pretty boxes to store necessities like towels and toilet paper. You can also place attractive vases and pottery as well as display a few unique décor items on the shelves to enhance the bathroom's beauty.


7. Showerheads, Taps And Toilet Updates And Upgrades

Another cost-effective bathroom renovation method is updating some items and upgrading others. Upgrading to a higher-end model toilet and having it professionally installed can ruin your renovation budget. If the toilet isn't damaged, refresh its appearance with a new toilet lid and seat. You can upgrade your taps and showerheads yourself and install water-saving models for a few dollars and save yourself some money in the long term. Replacing the tub, shower and bathroom sink can be prohibitively expensive. But updating the knobs, handles and faucets can make each feature look brand new, doesn't cost much nor require any real plumbing skills.


Doing Cheap Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations have a reputation for being notoriously expensive. Proper planning and having the discipline and creativity to stick to a budget are essential keys for successful budget renovating. Plus, Oneflare can provide you with bathroom renovation ideas on a budget. They can provide you with valuable tips, insights and costing data

like what's a reasonable price for paint, wallpaper, lighting supplies, vanities, toilets, taps, showerheads and more. They can also help you find useful, inexpensive bathroom flooring options.


A Step By Step Approach

To successfully complete a bathroom renovation on a budget, it's crucial to:

  • Do your research
  • Clearly define the renovation goals
  • Know what materials you need
  • Get accurate pricing information
  • Decide who will do what and on what timelines
  • Know precisely how much you want to spend.


If you do these things, remodeling your bathroom can be easy and inexpensive. It would also help to take inspiration from magazines and online sites so you know that what you’re aiming for is still on trend and not outdated. Because aside from making your bathroom look comfortable, it would also be nice that it’s stylish.







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