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Beginner’s guide To HVAC System – Meaning, Explanation And Working

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HVAC System

HVAC System

The HVAC system is a very popular ventilation system for large buildings or even apartments and houses. But the system is so complex that many people do not understand it’s working completely.

So, this article will talk about the meaning and working of the HVAC system.


An HVAC system is short for HEATING, VENTILATION, AIR, CONDITIONING system. It denotes four different systems, machines, and techs, which are used inside a building or houses, officers, hallways, and even transportation systems. The HVAC system is installed to improve environmental regulation and to make the place more comfortable.

The general meaning of HVAC is defined as the system which provides a variety of heating and cooling services in residential and official and even public transport.

The installation of the HVAC system is very complex, that is why many companies such as Alpharetta’s HAVC repair and other companies exist. The workers they have are professionals who take care of all the installation.

Now that we have talked about general meaning and installation, it is also very important to understand the working of the HVAC system.


Working of an HVAC system:

There is a total of three systems within the HVAC system. These are:

Forced air system: In this one, it all depends on whether the air conditioner or furnace is in use. The forced air system forces the cold or warm air through the metal ducts using a blower.

Gravity System: This system only works in heating but not in cooling. Whenever the need for heat arises, the gravity system is usually is installed in the basement. Whenever the gravity system is turned on, the hot air rises and the cold air sink, which heats up the house.

Radiant System: Radiant system, just like the gravity system, cannot be used in conjunction with the cooling system. Most commonly, radiant systems are used to heat up the implements like radiators and such, which works to distribute the hot air around the room.


The main part or the ‘heart’ of any HVAC system is the thermostat. This part is heat sensitive and has controls over the temperature within the place. It also automatically responds to the already present atmosphere in the place.

There is a set point which the user settles according to their preferences, the thermostat than automatically increases or decreases the temperature if it gets above or below the chosen set point. This happens because the thermostat automatically turns on or off the furnace. The component is the bimetallic element which expands or contracts in accordance with the thermostat.

As time moves forward, more and more buildings and houses, transport, and even studio apartments have an HVAC system installed. The importance of understanding how it all works and how the installation should be done is necessary. It is also important to keep up the repairs and cleanup of the HVAC system. Soon enough, there would be no more heaters, conditioners, or even fans. The houses will be equipped with HVAC as it is.



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