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Benefits Of Coccyx Cushion For Tailbone Pain Relief

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coccyx cushion

coccyx cushion

The coccyx is a small bone at the tail of your spine that supports much of your weight when sitting. Over time, it can become sore or injured making it painful to sit on hard surfaces. You can have coccyx pain from physical injuries, strained tailbone, or intense physical labor.

Coccyx cushions are usually wedge-shaped with a notch at the back to relieve pressure from the tailbone reducing pain as you heal. Besides, coccyx cushion made with memory foam adapt to your curves to offer gentle support to the spine.

Here are the benefits of coccyx cushions for tailbone relief

They Relieve Tailbone Pain and Increase Blood Flow

Among the primary benefits of the coccyx cushions is relieving coccyx pain. When injured, even well cushion seats can put pressure on the coccyx. The constant pressure makes it difficult for your tailbone to heal, leading to extended pain and discomfort. Since a coccyx cushion can mold your shape, it supports your back, transferring pressure from the tailbone to thighs and hips.

When you sit for longer periods, you strain the circulatory system as it reduces blood flow into your pelvis, legs and back making tissues and muscles in those parts lack adequate oxygen to stay healthy. It can lead to the slowing of metabolic processes as you feel tired and sluggish. However, with a coccyx cushion, you increase blood flow to your legs, pelvis, and back.


They Offer Proper Support and Comfort

When you sit, it's important to get proper support. Most traditional cushions give way to your weight leading to pressure on points that include tailbone and hips causing soreness and exposing you to risks of osteoporosis and other conditions. Memory foam cushions relieve pressure from the points to redistribute across the seat.

The coccyx cushions collapse under your weight as your buttocks and thighs have plenty of support to give the tailbone and hips a break. Besides, when you sit for long in your office or car, you need to be comfortable. The cushions conform to your body shape making you more comfortable and relaxed.


They Improve Posture and Digestive Health       

Sitting for extended periods can cause blood circulatory and back problems affecting the cervical region to the lumbar of the spine. Taking care of your posture helps in proper spine alignment and prevents future chronic conditions. Additionally, a healthy posture increase energy levels, focus and make you feel more confident. Investing in quality cushions makes it easier to sit with a healthy posture as you don't need to constantly readjust to improve posture since the cushion takes your body shape.

When you sit for more than eight hours it can affect your digestive health. You might have problems with constipation, bowel syndrome, heartburn, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramps. Through an ergonomic coccyx cushion, you avoid developing health problems because they eliminate the stress on your back.

Having a coccyx cushion offers benefits that include tail bone pain relief, better blood circulation, improved posture, and proper support. Gladly, Everlasting Comfort provides cushions made from pure memory foam that adapt to your body curves to provide your back with adequate support.



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