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Benefits of the E-1 Visa

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The E-1 visa, also called the Investor Visa, is a program for specialty workers or investors that want to conduct trade with the United States. If you already work or live in the United States and want an E-1 visa, you can apply to change your status to an E-1 visa. You will still have to go through the same I-129 application process as someone from outside the United States. An E1 visa Los Angeles lawyer can help you with the process, regardless of where you are applying from.

E 1 Visa

E-1 Visa Eligibility Requirements

The E-1 visa is for people that are already specialists in their fields, or managers of a thriving business. It can also be for a business owner who is currently conducting trade with the United States. You might also be eligible if you conduct 50 percent of your business with the United States already, and are applying from a treaty company.

If you want to work in the United States, and don’t meet these requirements, talk to an immigration lawyer. There will be a visa out there for you. If you meet these eligibility requirements, there are many benefits to the E-1 visa. You can also visit this url if you need any help regarding immigration.

Benefits of the E-1

The E-1 visa is valid for two years. It can also be extended for another 2 years. You can apply for as many extensions as you want.

You also have the benefit of being able to come and go from the United States as much as you want while you have the visa. Your spouse and any children that are unmarried and below the age of 21 will also get an e1 visa with you.

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Talk to an immigration lawyer today if you are interested in starting the application process for an E-1 visa.