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Metal Casting Foundry

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metal casting foundry

metal casting foundry

Metal casting foundries produce metal castings. Dealing with metals is a rusty job and it requires different setups and machines. When it comes to giving metals shape, the foundries basically turn the metals into liquid and pour the liquid into a mold. When the liquid is cooled down, it gets a shape. Then they remove the mold to make metal castings.

One of the best metal casting foundries is the DAWANG Casting Foundry. They are located in China and they are in this field for a long time now. It is obvious to mention that foundries are one of the biggest coordinators in recycling goods and the Dawang casting foundry is a part of it respectfully.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at what foundries actually do and what’s the process. The main process of metal casting contains these stages. Let’s take a look at each step.

  • Melting
  • Furnace
  • Degassing
  • Pouring
  • Shakeout
  • Degating
  • Heat treating
  • Surface cleaning
  • Finishing up



The very first process that starts the casting is the melting. In this process, different metals are taken and given shape in order to melt them perfectly. The melting process takes place in a furnace. What’s a furnace? Well, let’s see.



A furnace is a container that’s made of high-quality arc buildups. It holds the metals and in order to melt them, they give heat to the furnace. Due to extreme heat, metals turn into liquid and are ready to go into a mold.



Hydrogen is harmful to metal casts. It’s the most common contaminant found in metal liquids and it lowers the quality of the metal. So, it’s essential to remove the hydrogen from the liquid. The removing process of hydrogen is called degassing.


Mold making

The mold-making process is easy. It depends on which shape they’re intending to give metal. According to the shape structure, molds are made with wax, high-quality plastic, and sometimes with different types of metals.



When the mold-making process is done, they pour the liquid quickly into the mold before it cools down. The pouring process is simple and different machines are set up there to do this perfectly.



Through the shakeout process, the solid metals are removed from the mold as they got their shape.



There are heads, gates, runners, and risers attached to the metal. In the process of degating, these things are removed from the solid metal.


Heat treating

Hardening or softening the metal is treated with heat. With extreme heat given the metal that got shape turns to the desired shape.


Surface cleaning

When everything is set up, they clean the surface of the metals by a blasting process.



In the final step, there’s grinding or sanding. With these procedures, they make giant metals and these metals can be used to make giant machines like FuchengLHD Machine.