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3 Tips On How To Use Laser Wood Engraver

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laser wood engraver

laser wood engraver

Wood engraving is one of the most known jobs these days. People do it for fun, some from passion, and some to make money with this. However, engraving woods with a laser wood engraver is an art form to deal with. When you’re all set to engrave wood and give it the desired look, you may make some easy mistakes.

So, in this article, we’ll be sharing some tips on how to use the laser engraver perfectly and get the most desired result at once. We’ll be going through a few steps and we’ll make it easy for you to understand how everything works.

So, let’s get started!

Tip 1: Prepare perfectly

The preparation is important. You need to go through a few steps to prepare for laser cutting. The first preparation would be masking the wood. Use masking tapes to prevent smoke issues. The smoke is harmful to the edges as it can easily stain the edges. However, some people think that masking tape will eat the power but it’s not true.

Preset is an awesome idea. When you cut with your laser cutter every now and then, you know the settings of your laser cutter pretty well. Before you start, it’ll be good to set everything up perfectly.

The test cut is an excellent idea to prevent anything from going wrong. When you prepared properly and everything is just ready to go, there are chances that you can make a mistake firsthand. So, it’s ideal to run on a test cut session to avoid such bothering issues.


Tip 2: Keep the power in control

When engraving with your laser engraver some people make the mistake of giving too much power and pressure. This way, there are high chances of cut through the metal and ruin the project totally. When it comes to controlling the machine, we would suggest you keep the power at the minimum even when you’re using masking tapes.

Using lower pressure may keep your speed down and consume a little more of your time but it’s going to be safe.


Tip 3: Don’t try multiple layers

Trying multiple layers isn’t helpful at all. When you’re working on your projects and you might just want to save time and that’s why you pick up the piece of wood and try different layers at the same time. Well, it’s not useful. When a layer is done give it a break.

Besides, engraving on a solid piece of wood vs engraving on plywood is totally different. The grains are different and the tones are different too! You need to be careful about that.



So, these are the most common tips for making your laser wood engraving a little better. Always maintain the precautions and use good quality engraver. You can find several high quality engravers at any online marketplace. You can find out if there’s any second hand metal laser cutter for sale in your area as well.