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How To Bypass Reduced Engine Power After Your Warning Light Is Illuminated

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car engine

car engine

Your engine warning light and subsequent loss of power inevitably happen when you are driving uphill, quite possibly overtaking. The sudden decrease in power can be dangerous, you need to get out of the traffic fast and you’ll want to call an automotive electrician to have your car checked over.

The Role Of Reduced Engine Power

The reduction in engine power isn’t designed to put you in danger. The light illuminates and the power decreases when there is a significant issue with your engine or gearbox. This is designed to protect the engine and your wallet.

However, it is possible for the reduced power system to be started in error, thanks to a bad sensor or a small fault that has been misinterpreted. If you are confident that there is nothing major wrong with your vehicle then you may want to learn how to bypass the reduced engine power system.

It is often better than trying to get to your destination at 20mph!


Consider The Situation

If the light has been triggered in error there is a good chance it is a reaction to a specific event. You will want to think about the events leading up to your reduced power incident. If there is one specific thing that is different from how the vehicle normally behaves then this can give you a clue regarding the issue.

In this instance, the issue is likely to be a sensor, such as the throttle position sensor or catalytic converter.

If you have a code reader in your vehicle then you should plug it into the correct port and see what error codes appear. This will allow you to identify the sensor problem. Most importantly, if it is just a sensor issue you can reset the codes. Not only will this wipe the error, but it will also clear the fault, allowing the car to drive normally again.

If the fault doesn’t reappear and your car continues to drive normally then you probably have an intermittent sensor issue that needs to be looked at and possibly replaced. If the car instantly goes back into reduced power mode and the error is back you will have located the issue.


The Repair

Perhaps the biggest issue is when you have a long drive ahead of you and the reduced power light has come on, dropping the performance of your vehicle. In order to get where you want to go, you will have to reset the light and hope that the car keeps driving properly. If it doesn’t the safest approach is to find an automotive technician and get them to resolve the issue for you.

They have significantly more advanced and detailed code readers which give them a complete image of what the vehicle is doing and what the issue is likely to be. Knowing that will make it much easier to fix the issue and restore power to your vehicle.

You should always get the professionals to check your car, even if you have turned the light off yourself, in most cases the issue is minor, but it can be more serious and need expert help.