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Blossom-Filled: The 5 Flowers to Add in a Garden for a “Wow” Factor

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Every garden needs attractive flowers to give color and brightness to your space. We’ve all experienced staring at cut flowers we’ve been gifted with. Still, these are more costly than simply planting your flowers. You can save money by harvesting your flowers, and some flowers are edible. Flowers improve harvests and pollination because they are a great companion plant.

If your idea of a perfect garden entails alluring aromas and energetic hues, then consider the five flowers mentioned below. These five blossoms will surely catch the eye of your neighbors, and you can even add them to the meal you’re going to serve your guests with some of the edible plants on the list.


⦁ Dianthus

Dianthus is famous for its grass like foliage and starry-like flowers that are especially fragrant. Once this flower blossoms through spring and summer, the flowers can look in a wide array of different colors, including purple, yellow, pink, white, and red. Dianthus is treasured for its numerous therapeutic benefits. It’s edible, and you can use it for cooking.

Before purchasing your very own dianthus, ensure that you’ve done your research on them. If you want to learn more about dianthus, visit GardenersPath.com for detailed information on how to take care of the flower, the different varieties of the flower, and many more! The main thing to remember for these plants is that you should water them when it’s dry and add fertilizer to them every six to eight weeks.

⦁ Marigolds

Marigolds are known for their yellow to deep orange color. Still, the flower also comes in variations of orange petals with yellow edges, yellow with red stripes, and red with yellow splotches. On the other hand, its leaves only come in dark green, and it’s divided deeply, which gives the plant a ferny look.

In high heat or dry temperatures, ensure that you water your marigolds regularly. It grows in containers, and you must water it daily because the container dries out fast. After planting it, giving it full sun, well-draining soil, and enough water, you can watch them bloom from the end of spring until fall. When harvesting the plant, you can enjoy its natural antiseptic abilities, heal skin burns, wounds, and rashes. It can repel harmful bugs and attract helpful insects to protect your plants.

⦁ Jasmine

The color of jasmine flowers ranges from yellow, white, and sometimes pink blossoms, and its form is like a pinwheel that’s flaring and lobed. Jasmine’s leaves are deciduous or evergreen, and it usually has two or more leaflets. Additionally, its shrub can grow up to ten to 15 feet.

When taking care of the plant, place it under the sun or under a light shade with soil that’s well-draining and moderately fertile. The location of the plant must be warm and sheltered. The jasmine plant usually blooms during the end of spring into summer, so repot it before it blooms, typically in early spring if needed.

Its blossoms are commonly used to make tea because of its abundance of antioxidants, ability to aid in weight loss, improve heart health, and many more. When intaking this plant, take note of one’s age and health, and be sure to ask your physician if the jasmine plant can be good for you.

⦁ Fuchsia

Fuchsia is another unique plant because of its vivid purple-red blossom that’s bell-shaped, tubular. It grows berries high in antioxidants, and Vitamin C. Fuchsias are edible. You can enjoy a sweet and tangy delicacy from its berries once it’s fine to harvest the plant. You can use the fuchsia plant to make puddings, jams, and jellies.

To see it bloom from summer to autumn requires excellent attention to the moisture of its soil. Ensure that you don’t let them dry out entirely in its container; ensure that it’s moist but not water-logged. One way of checking if it received enough water is to shove your finger into its soil or by lifting the container. Also, it thrives best in the full sun or partial shades.

⦁ Angelonia

Angelonias are another unique plant. Angelonias are also called “summer snapdragon.” It is due to their blossoms that grow in an upright spike on the tip of the main stems. It has a blue-purple color, and there are other varieties of light pink, white, and blue. An angelonia can grow up to 18 inches in height. Many reported that the foliage smelled like apples.

Angelonias prefer moist and well-draining soil, but they can withstand short dry spells if the soil is enriched with compost before planting. The plant usually blooms during summer.


Now that you have read the facts about the five plants, doesn’t it make sense to add flowers to your garden? It’s a beautiful addition to guard off your other plants from pests. These colorful blossoms can lift your mood whenever you pass by your garden after a hard day at work. Plant these five bright blossoms to add variety and color to your masterpiece!





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