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Ever thought of having your own home? On the other hand, you may be thinking about how to make it look good. Residential architecture is all about making your abode perfect in every way possible. Some get confused with all they see around them; however, We are from Сrystalia Glass will teach you how to go about residential architecture.

The following are 7 "do-able" tips for residential architecture:

#1: Shape and design matters more than the size

It doesn't matter whether you build a smaller or larger structure but what is important here is the shape and design made on it. For example, if you visit some countries, these buildings have their unique design. Structural engineers consider several aspects of construction. Stability is one of the most significant factors. The two main structural components are beams and columns that play an important role in bearing the weight of the building. These days, project managers can comfortably buy steel beams online but they must ensure that it's purchased from a reliable supplier.


#2: The use of green plants

You don't have to be an expert or green thumb to make your abode beautiful. All you need are potted plants like Monstera plant, Peace Lily, English Ivy, and Bamboo Palm that can be placed anywhere around your house, especially on windowsills, doorsteps, etc. Not only are they pleasing to the eyes, but they also purify the air that we breathe, making it better for everyone inside the house. Remember not to neglect any corner of your room when starting this idea, as even a small pot will be enough if placed near an entranceway.


#3: Make sure there is ample lighting everywhere

You may have seen houses with immense structures but what catches our attention are those with proper lighting. Good residential architecture should have ample lighting, especially during nighttime. The best places to place lights are staircases, bathrooms, and walkways, making them more welcoming and inviting.


#4: Learn from the old houses

The old houses in Greece and Sicily showed us innovative ideas on how we should design our homes. When you visit these countries and tour around their houses, you will be surprised when you see how they managed to fit everything in a small space. The truth is that it's an art when you understand how things can be made possible just by arranging them properly. It's not about having ample space but rather than making everything available with no hassle at all! So, when designing your own home, make sure that your furniture can be reached easily without any problems; otherwise, you will have a hard time getting it every time.


#5: Flooring can also be an alternative

Some homeowners choose not to utilize the spaces provided by the architecture of their homes. To maximize these areas, they used the flooring raised from ground level, making it very suitable, especially in areas with plenty of traffic. This idea makes sure that the house won't dirty quickly and will protect your carpets and rug as well. You can even make use of high-tech ceramic tiles around your swimming pool or any other part where there's water involved.


#6: How about two stories?

Having one story is common; however, if you want something different, how about having two. This idea will surely help those with large families as there isn't a single space that is not utilized, and everything is easily accessible.


#7: Go for the Layered look

When concrete first came out, it was used sparingly, but now homeowners utilize this material by making walls and other structures multi-layered to make things look good. The proper use of colors and layers makes your home more modern looking plus very sturdy and protects you from intruders. When designing your own home or building one, make use of these tips so your efforts won't go down the drain! Just follow the steps mentioned above, and you'll be able to achieve what you want; however, there's no need to rush things, especially when building your own house. Take your time, plan it well and make sure to consult experts so they can guide you throughout the process. Remember that residential architecture is not just about having beautiful structures but also making them very functional.

The glass railing is called the glass baluster, need to pay attention to when buying. Its material is mainly tempered glass, PVC tube, and aluminum alloy. Glass baluster's primary purpose is to block people's line of sight so that they can not see through it or do not fall themselves. Now the most concerned about what is still security problems there are several requirements for safety balconies: First, material quality must be guaranteed; Second, processing technology must follow national standards; Third, according to GB/T 13749-2008 standard installation drawings show that the openings in the railings must not exceed 12mm (for standard glass railing); Fourth, when designing stairs with open guardrails should give priority to traffic directionality to avoid accidents; Five, the installation of glass railing must use qualified personnel.

Installation method: 1, general installation required two people to install, at least one year experience of professional workers to do the job; 2, need an electric drill for drilling holes in the ground or wall according to requirements, hole size is more significant than 10mm so that it can be easily embedded bolts; 3, before installation should check whether there are protruding nails on the wall and floor surface so as not to destroy the baluster during installation. 4. Check whether absolute glass thickness is consistent with that specified in drawings (should refer to GB/T 13754-2008 standard); 5 separate processing support bars should be installed on both ends of each balcony before installing railings on them; 6. All connections should be tightly fixed and checked for defects before the installation of railings is complete, especially those parts that are not seen from above, such as bracing bars and screws on balconies.

Glass railing used decoration room is a gorgeous decoration material, but also improves the overall appearance of the aesthetic quality requirement of a balcony, with a variety of styles and patterns glass railing can meet user preferences. This glass railing can be mounted to the edge or embedded into walls or concrete surfaces (commonly known as built-in). Embedded glass baluster Glass Railing With its robust anti-impact features, makes it perfect for high traffic areas, including cases, commercial kitchens, etc. While the same is also used for medical centers, residential areas, etc. Glass railing can be divided into many types according to its different shapes and sizes (square tube) glass balusters, round tube glass balusters; other types include steel or wood railing; other types of railings are hanging railings, etc primary website

Glass railing should pay attention to security issues when buying-mainly tempered glass, PVC tube, and aluminum alloy three parts. The primary purpose of this balcony railing is to block people's vision so that they don't see through it or won't fall for themselves.

Nowadays, the primary concern about what still security problems there are several requirements for safety balconies: first material quality must be guaranteed; two processing technology must follow the national standards; according to GB/T 13749-2008 standard installation drawings show that the openings in the railings must not exceed 12mm (for standard glass railing); when designing stairs with open guardrails should give priority to traffic directionality to avoid accidents; four, installing glass railing should use qualified personnel.







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