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7 Ways To Update Your Light Fixtures

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ceiling fan lights

Outdated light fixtures make spaces look boring as they do not enhance the appeal of your home. Fortunately, there are many ways to upgrade your lighting fixtures. If you’re looking for recommendations to switch to beautiful fixtures, here are 7 ways to update your light fixtures.

A quick weekend fixture install can change your home’s ambiance and its architectural appearance. Try out these simple tips to improve your home’s lighting.

Invest in Recessed Light Conversion Kits

A recessed light conversion kit is a single light fixture that hangs from the ceiling with the support of a metal rod or chain. The kit changes the lighting that’s buried in the ceiling to a modern and stylish hanging light.

These lights vary in designs and sizes and beautify wherever they’re used. Pendant lightings are also regarded as classy and can be used over the dining table or in your living room. Additionally, modern-day hanging lights are energy-saving as they make use of LED bulbs.


Replace with Wireless Fixtures

Another option for upgrading your lighting fixtures is to use wireless fixtures you can install anywhere. It’s super simple since no wiring is required. Just replace the old light fixture by removing it and placing the new fixture on top of the mounting plate.

This idea is also great if you want to create additional light in spaces with little natural light. This type of fixture comes with a remote control wall switch to allow you to turn it off and on like you would standard lights. Bear in mind that these bulbs are powered by batteries.


Connect a Bulb to a Dim Wall Switch

Ensure each room in your house has a bulb at the entrance attached to a dim wall switch. This way, you can switch it on every time you walk into any of the rooms. You can also install dimmer switches on many lighting fixtures and keep adjusting the lighting until you find your way.

For more convenience, buy a remote control and program it to turn the light on and off. If you want to create a relaxing mood for showering, place the switches in your bathroom. You will save energy and also control the light intensity around your home.


Install Motion Sensors on Outside Light Bulbs

Motion sensors will help you control the light whenever your visitors approach your home. You can also attach these sensors to dark staircases or hallways so that you don’t try to find your way in the dark.

Alternatively, you can add light sensors to outside lights. This way, you will have light when it’s dark outside. However, the lights will go off during the day.


Use Metal Can-Up Lights

These small lights are ideal for installing in dark corners and work perfectly in potted floor plants. They’re available in different designs and only require to be plugged in. Be sure to direct the light to the dark places and remember to camouflage the fixture.


Install New Chandelier Shades

If you have old chandeliers that you bought way back in the 1990s, it may be time to upgrade the chandelier shades. You can also trade the old chandeliers for a discount when buying new ones. Go for modern drum shades in neutral colors like cotton shade or white linen drum shade.


Attach Small Fixtures at the Top of Your Artwork

There are different styles designed for lighting art. You can use small fixtures and connect them at the top of your art frame. Once you’re done, plug it into your wall to enjoy the light.



Updating your lighting fixtures can change how your room feels whenever you walk into your house. Try something new this weekend to experience the difference immediately when you turn on the switch.







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