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What To Do With Old Unwanted Appliances

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pile of old damaged appliances

pile of old damaged appliances

If you want your home to be cluttered-free, getting rid of unwanted appliances is one of the things that pops into your head. However, if you want to know what to do with old unwanted appliances, thankfully, you’re not alone. Many people want to get rid of their old appliances, but they’re confused about where to start. There are, of course, specialist services like fridge removal Sydney or rubbish removal companies that can do the job for you but there might be other ways you haven’t thought of yet.

To help you out, here are a few things that you can do with old unwanted appliances.

1. Eco-Friendly Junk or E-Waste Disposal

To lessen your carbon footprint, it's imperative to get rid of your appliances in the most economic, responsible, and eco-friendly way possible. The best way to do this is by handing your appliances to a junk disposal or recycling center. They’ll be able to dispose of your trash properly and in an eco-friendly way. Additionally, some centers even recycle the materials used in unwanted appliances for something else.

Thankfully, there are some companies that may help you out with this, such as Same-Day Rubbish Removal. These companies can take any type of junk, including unwanted appliances–working or not working. Then, they’ll pick up your goods and recycle or dispose them in a responsible way. They can sort through the materials on the appliances and bring them to the right recycling centers.

This way, you’ll be able to get rid of your unwanted appliances while taking care of the planet.


2. Give It To Someone Who Needs It

Be it to a good friend, a cherished family member, or even a random stranger, giving your old appliances away is a good method to get rid of it while bringing a smile to someone else's face. Who knows, you might have a friend or family member who’s in need of certain kinds of appliances.

So, ask your family members if they want to receive some of your unwanted appliances. If none of them need it, then you can give it up for donations on donation drives. Basically, many people will be able to benefit from your old appliances. There are a lot of churches, non-profit groups, community thrift stores, and donation drives that’ll be happy to receive your old, unwanted appliances. Some of them will even pick them up from your home for free.

However, before giving it to someone, make sure that you’ve already cleaned or repaired it so that it’ll still serve the recipient well. This is always an important etiquette that should be practiced whenever you’re giving out old appliances. Thus, make sure it’s presentable and, as much as possible, ensure that it’s working so that the recipient will be able to use it.


3. Sell It Online For Cash

Nowadays, people are willing to pay for used appliances rather than purchasing a new one. Thus, instead of disposing your appliances, you can put them up on sale on websites dedicated to selling used appliances, such as eBay or even Facebook. Right now, Facebook has developed a Facebook Marketplace where users can sell their pre-loved items.

In addition, there are some good online directories where you can list your old appliances for sale. Then, you should take the time to check out all the available options before making your final decision. Some people sell their old televisions, CD players, and other electronic gadgets online. For instance, you can even use eBay as an option because many people use this platform to sell items that they’ve bought on other websites. As a tip, it’s worth trying eBay before deciding which type of item you want to sell on the site.

Once you’ve decided the type of old appliances that you want to get rid of, you’ll need to list them on a website that’ll allow buyers to bid for them. Usually, this is a website where you can get a good price on the items that you’re willing to sell. There are websites that’ll make a deposit to start your bid. After you’ve made it through the bidding process, you’ll be able to contact the winning bidder and make the sale.

If your old appliance is relatively unused and well-maintained, someone else might buy it from you online. If you want to sell used refrigerators or freezers, consider fixing broken parts with a qualified professional before offering them up for sale. The better the condition and overall presentation of appliances, the more likely it'll be sold, allowing you to make a decent profit.

old unwanted appliances

old unwanted appliances

4. Trade It In

There are some companies that trade old appliances in exchange for a discount when you buy a new one. You first need to do some research to know where you can find old appliances that you can trade-in. Also, watch out for promotions with appliance companies. For instance, instead of disposing the old one, you can exchange it for cash or rebate via trade-ins.

What will happen is that you bring in your old appliances to the store, then an appraiser will estimate the value that it can slash off from your purchase. After this, you’ll be given a notice. If you’re amenable to the amount, you can purchase your new appliance at a discounted price, depending on the appraised value of your used appliances.

Make sure to read the mechanics of the promotions because some companies only accept appliances manufactured by the same company. Also, there are other companies that accept any kind and brand of appliance.


5. Scrap It

If your old, unwanted appliances are beyond repair or can’t be put to use anymore, you might want to consider selling it for scraps. There are many scrap metal dealers around who’ll accept old, unwanted appliances from your home. They can even pick it up from your house for a fee.

After picking them up, they’ll take out the scrap metal as they can still repurpose and sell it for scraps.



These are just some simple and effective ways to get rid of old, unwanted appliances. Be it by giving your appliances to a local charity or selling it, there are many ways to dispose of your junk efficiently. As people always say, someone’s trash might be someone else’s treasure.



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