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The Air Purifier You Need To Fight Against Mold

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Best Air Purifier To Fight Against Mold

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air purifier

If your house recently has water damage or you reside in a humid climate, then it is not far from having to fight against mold. This is because it only takes a few hours for mold spores to develop from a little moisture. You may smell a musty odour at first; then, you can see the formation of colonies. The spores that you can see with your eyes can settle in dark, moist places from their colonies. After that, they easily thrive and flourish there, filling the indoor air with particles that are harmful to health. In such a case, you need to use an air purifier for mold to help you deal with the problem.

What Is Mold?

Mold is a type of fungus that works by breaking down the decaying organic matter. The process is useful, especially when it provides fertiliser for new growth. But, mold can be incredibly harmful too. It feeds on leather, drywall, insulation, wood, etc. When it thrives, the mold can result in structural damage to your property. Because of the damaging effects of fungus, it may require costly replacement or cleaning of your household items like pieces of furniture, mattresses, furnishings, and carpets.

Moisture is a contributing factor for mold buildup. Colonies take advantage of water evaporation, several days of rainy weather, and humid climates. Also, a lack of ventilation causes humidity to stay inside the house for a long time. You should avoid this occurrence, as mold can accumulate on humidity alone, particularly when the levels reach more than 55%.


The Function of Air Purifier

An efficient defence against mold invasion is the application of air purification. Mold spores can travel through the air to look for new areas to colonise. They are the microscopic particles that enter the lungs through breathing, which can threaten the overall health and well-being of the person. By using a Winix air purifier that removes mold spores, you are protecting your home and belongings, thus making you feel healthier during the process.

There are several types of air purifiers. Some purifiers release ozone to eliminate the spores, but keep in mind that large amounts of ozone can be dangerous to living things. Other purifiers release negative ions and get attached to particles, causing them to drop to the ground. But, once you walk by or open a door, this stirs up the particles again.

What you need is to get an air purifier for mold with HEPA filtration. In these filtered air purifiers, the fan captures air into the machine and pulls it via a filter before releasing a cleaner air into the area again. The performance of the machine depends on the features of the filtering system. The size of the biggest particles that can pass through the filters of the air purifier determines the rate for the efficiency of the unit. 

The air purifier for mold removal is most effective when they are constantly functioning. The good news is that most air purification units use less electricity as you remove pollen, smoke, pet dander, and dust. Keep in mind that you need to change the filters in order to achieve the best results. The result you get is a cleaner environment and fewer irritants for individuals with asthma and allergy. The air you breathe will feel and smell fresh.







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