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Best Bathroom and kitchen decorating ideas which are doable | 5 practical ways of home decoration

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Are you planning on decorating your home or are you tired of the daily style and want to be a change in the environment? Well like most of us we require change throughout our life so we end up renovating our personal spaces. For me I end up creating changes In my kitchen as for me this is one of the places where almost half of my day is spent and I enjoy creating dishes that would bring a smile on my family's face. On the other due to the changing environment, I tend to bring changes in my bathroom as well, I try adding some plants or some ornaments that would make the place stand out and while enjoying a bath you would get the relaxation you actually need. I always try making things easy for me when I work or try to give my home a makeover. The best thing for me to get RTA cabinets which you can assemble yourself and they are super easy and fun to do. I always try working with assembling yourself kitchen and assemble yourself bathroom essentials and they turn out to be just perfect for me to work with. Well if it's your time to give your home a makeover then continue reading and find out all the different ways that you can use while giving your kitchen and bathroom a perfect makeover.

Choose the perfect color:

​So the first thing that you would want to do is focus on the basics which in this case are either the wall takes of the paint that you would coat the walls with. This element is quite important as this would serve as the base of your overall look of the makeover. There are so many options available in the market for tiles that you could decorate your bathroom with the latest 3D tiles are trending and it creates a perfect attraction for your kid's bathroom. Add-In some fishes in your 3D and see the magic happen you will be amazed by seeing how exciting your kids would get.
On the other hand, try using brick tiles in your kitchen this look is trending these days and you would feel a relaxing vibe throughout the kitchen.



Make sure while you work with the paints chose like pastels colors as that would allow your room to look more spacious and it will give a great look to it.


 Cabinets are very important in both of the cases, let it be a kitchen or even bathroom you would need cabinets which may complement beautifully along with which they will serve the purpose they are being installed. I always rely on choosing the RTA cabinets. Assemble yourself kitchen cabinets are super easy and fun to build. The best part of these cabinets is that they can be modified according to your demand and needs. You will be able to choose the wood, the color and the outlook of the cabinets that you would need. Try using light wood colors that would look absolutely beautiful in your kitchen. While buying your bathroom vanities make sure that the assemble yourself bathroom cabinets you are ordering or purchasing are enough spacious to hold all of your toiletries.


​Make sure you buy something that has a mirror along with the cabinets as that is one of the important elements of your bathroom. By just adding a mirror your bathroom would look more spacious and on the other, you do need a mirror in the bathroom anyways!



Add in some plants:

Where ever you add plants they always tend to give a livelier look to your spaces. If you are a plant lover or enjoy being close to nature, then try adding a little home garden in your kitchen space. Imagine how fun would it be and if you have kids this might serve as a fun activity for them to be a part of. Well, I had seen my mom managing her little herb garden in her kitchen and whenever we used to enter the kitchen the aroma of the herbs used to make us feel so fresh and it created an amazingly relaxing environment for us to work in her kitchen.  You can also try adding some little plants such as cactus or snake plants in your bathrooms. Just be adding small ornaments of plants on the side of your window you will notice a major difference as it would give your bathroom a very aesthetic look.

Build some extra storage:

We all need to store our belongings somewhere they can be secure without getting too much attention. In both of these places, we do need a lot of storage, especially in the kitchen. There are so many utensils and accessories in the kitchen which do need some extra space. Make sure you choose cabinets which are broad or they have a slide in options that would allow you to store some extra things in them. You can also work with by attaching magnetic roads behind the cabinet doors which act like holders for all your cooking spoons or small jars which can be magnetically attached to the rod. The cabinets all play an important part in the bathroom, you would need to add in some towel racks and soap holder or other holders which would let you use limited space and add a more organized look in your bathroom.


​If you don't how to do this, don't break things to save money, call Best Contractors to add perfect storage​, which gives roomy feeling with ability add more items.

Mirror walls:

Walls decorated with mirrors are becoming quite a fashion which is being adopted by most of the people and they serve as a great décor option. If you have a congested or a small bathroom then you should definitely give this idea a try as this would make your washroom look more spacious and would give a wow factor for anyone who uses it.

So these are some ideas that you can definitely try implementing upon and use them to create great kitchen and bathroom makeover. You would feel the change by just adopting a few of the suggestions that we have provided you with.

Some more thoughts:

You can add long lasting cute looking energy efficient home products, do an absolute easy backyard makeover,  add top rated home monitors from amazon and many many more.


​Home improvement ​helps increase house, but depends on your budget. There are minor to medium home improvement projects, them there are some DIY decoration ideas which we discussed here, then there are big home projects costing more than $100K! We are here discussing more on simple decoration tips & tricks which you can do yourself or might need to call contractors in some cases, but the point is that they are worth-it.

Especially DIY home projects done in free time with detail attention and some thoughts always pays back. See here some tips to increase your home price!

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