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How To Choose The Best Budget Gas Grill?

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Choose The Best Budget Gas Grill

Eating grilled meat or chicken really relishes the mouth. Seasoning the meat with spices and lemon and grilling on the gas grill really offers tasty meat and safe grilling. Now how to choose the best budget gas grill is a question where eating perfect is a must but in the budget.

Be it a summer or spring season, the grilling is an all-time growing activity amongst Americans. Enjoying outings, parties, BBQs, family get-togethers, etc. outside with a gas grill in the desired budget is a kind of dream that can be fulfilled easily.

Using a grilling appliance has always been a trend in America but every other person has its own demands and different budget to fulfill that demand. Of course, different prices of gas grills will have different packages of features also for you. So today we are going to talk about how you can get the quality gas grill in your preferred budget. 


Different Range of Gas Grills in the Market

choose best budget gas grill

choose best budget gas grill

Different brands of the gas grill have different designs and features. Mostly the size, number of burners, cooking capacity at a time is some factors that can make each gas grill presentable at different prices. Mostly the gas grill price ranges from $100 or below to $5000 or above.


1. Portable gas grill

Portable gas grill is the best option if you are planning for tailgate parties. It cost mostly between $100 to $250.


2. Small gas grills

The small gas grill is compact enough but not portable and good for a small meal. The paint coating or stainless steel material set different prices for the different grill. It can prepare a maximum of 18 burgers at a time. The range is almost between $100 to $1000.


3. Middle size gas grill

The middle size grill is capable of grilling 18-30 burgers at the same time. In such a gas grill, the storage space is enough, backlit knobs, and LED lights for cooking after daytime is designed. It also comes with a warranty period for burners and may range from $150 to $2500 or above.


4. Large size gas grill

Of course from large it means the large cooking area & cooking capacity. At a time it can serve you up to 30 or above burgers. The design of a large gas grill mostly consists of quality stainless steel, thick grates, additional space for storage, more quality burners with a long warranty period. It can cost you $400 to $4500 or above.


This was a simple gas grill classification to give you a brief idea about the gas grill price range. Moreover, there are several other factors that can make a difference in a gas grill price. So let's move on below.


1. Grill size

The size of the grill has a lot to do with gas grill prices. As we have already discussed above the different gas grills according to their size. Different size means different cooking capacity and larger the size & capacity, larger will be the price.

So you can choose your gas grill as per your grill usage frequency and cooking demands. If you hardly use grill once or twice in summers for a small meal then a small size grill will do.

If you are a habitual party planner and frequently organize a large party than buying large size gas grill will be perfect.


2. BBQ grates

The BBQ grates are the most important part of your gas grill. If I talk about the grill grates then you will get 3 options- steel grates, porcelain grates, and cast iron grates. 

  • Steel grades: The steel grates offer a non-stick surface but can also lose non-stick proficiency with continuous use. It is limited in durability but highly affordable.
  • Porcelain grates: Here you can choose either steel base with porcelain coating or cast iron. Porcelain grates can also chip off quickly. You also need to be careful about not using the tools of metal with it. It can be available in the medium range of prices.
  • Cast iron grates: Now finally those who don't have budget issues they like to prefer cast-iron grates which are better if heavier. It holds the heat quite evenly and cooks food faster. It is quite expensive but works for years if maintained properly.


3. Burners

The cheap grill may consist of burners with low-quality stainless steel which will catch rust quickly and also not durable. Also, the "H" burner in some cheap grills is operated with only one knob.

This means only one knob will give you the same temperature to cook various meals. In such a situation you can invest for little more cooking options.

Burners with quality stainless steel can prove highly durable but expensive. Burners with cast iron will not catch rust and stand for long at affordable rates.


4. Fuel

The fuel option offered is propane or natural gas. Natural gas will never be consumed completely in the midst of cooking and also cost less per unit in comparison to the propane. Propane fuel will cost more and also needs timely refilling of the cylinder.


5. Warranty

Always look for the brand that offers a warranty period when buying a gas grill. Actually, the long term warranty by the manufacturer is considered good for the product.

The warranty period may promise you repair, or parts replacement which saves your money. Also, some brands come with a lifetime warranty.



The gas grills are much preferred due to its usage convenience. You don't need to wait for charcoal to ignite, simply turn on the gas grill and start cooking your meal. It is also easy to operate. A gas grill will also cost you less in comparison to a charcoal grill.

We have discussed some important features related to the price of your grill. If you are interested in enjoying some more benefits you can invest more for features like smoker tray with wood chip, rotisserie, side burners, sear burners, fuel gauge, color-changing control knobs, etc. till then this article on how to choose the best budget gas grill will surely help you in making right gas grill purchase in right amount.   



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