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Best Checklist To Ensure The Swiftest Move-Out

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family packing boxes to move

family packing boxes to move

Moving out is a strenuous task. It can be exhausting if you plan to do it on your own. Moving out is a daunting process for which both the landlords and the tenants should prepare. As a landlord, you will have to check and ensure that the unit is spotless and ready to occupy. And as a resident, your top priority will be getting your lease deposit back at the end of lease tenure.

Moving to a new home and neighborhood is exciting but leaving the familiar area is difficult. Many people fail to do the needed work and take appropriate steps, resulting in chaos and many problems. Remember that moving can be incredibly stressful if you don’t make a plan and organize your stuff. Nevertheless, an excellent way to get things done is to conduct a move-out inspection and make a move-out checklist.

Why is a moving-out checklist crucial?

A checklist is critical because it allows you to carry out the relocation process with ease. Once you have mentioned all the necessary tasks to be performed, you won’t have to think through them again thoroughly. It will also be convenient to tick off everything timely to ensure that you are on the right track. However, it is best to prepare for the unexpected to occur, as moving out can give birth to unpredictable last-moment issues.

Fortunately, we are here to assist you if you feel frustrated by anything you need to recall. Besides, you can look on the internet for moving resources on your quest to entrust your belongings to professional moving companies. Leaving such monumental tasks to the experts is always a viable idea.

Below, we have made a move-out checklist that will help you prioritize tasks.


1. Research Moving Services

It’s time to figure out if you will be moving out on your own or hiring professionals for this purpose. Begin by learning with your choices and your budget. You may want to consider hiring a professional moving company to help with the stressful task of moving if there is a lot to manage. There are various companies online that can help you in moving smoothly and efficiently. Also, it would help if you packed the storage boxes beforehand. You will save the effort of the movers and your time if you take the necessary measures for the move. It will also cost you less.


2. Research your lease terms and assess the damage

Contact your leasing company or landlord to inquire about your lease’s move-out provisions as soon as you consider leaving. Make a copy of the lease agreement. Go through the details of the document and important procedure points. Make a list of the areas of damage that require repair or fixing. Some apartments include heat, electricity, and water bills in their monthly rents. While moving out, make sure to know which ones you have to pay.


3. Allocate a budget

Relocating is difficult and costly if not planned ahead of time. Determine your total relocation budget before hiring a moving company or committing to DIY shifting. If you’re relocating because of a job, make sure to check if the company covers the expenses.

  • Moving company expenses: It can include moving company fees, payment for extra services and distance, damage costs, etc.
  • DIY Moving: Truck rent, fuel costs, insurance, extra equipment rent, and incidentals.
  • Other charges: meals, pet care, storage boxes, wrapping and packing materials, and storage fees.

However, it is also essential to set aside a budget for uncertain situations or emerging expenses.


4. Decluttering and Packing

Decluttering and packing should begin three weeks in advance. It is the perfect time to start arranging your belongings so that you can bring only the essentials to your new home. Try holding a yard sale to get rid of the unwanted things while still making some money. It is the best time to get rid of all the unnecessary items and furniture. You can also donate the unwanted stuff to the needy.

Additionally, keep all the essential documents in one place that may be of immediate use. Keep the “last in, first out” rule in mind. Look for packing hacks on the internet to make it easy and label the storage boxes.


5. Inform the Kid’s school and search for new ones

If you have school-going children, then you need to inform the school authorities about the move at the right time. Involving kids as much as possible in the preparation phase helps them feel like participants in the school hunting or house searching process. It will make the transition less exhausting for kids. To locate top-rated schools in your new neighborhood, you can surf the internet or ask the people in your community. You can ask your children to discuss, draw, and make a list of aspects of the new school they want. Show your child the list of schools that you have made. Plus, discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the schools with older children.


Final Words

Perhaps these were some of the significant pointers when planning a move-out. You also have to make other necessary arrangements to make the process swift. Create a schedule of your chores: scheduling the movers, making travel arrangements, and updating all the memberships. Other tasks include disposing of hazardous items, changing the mailing addresses, and ordering new furniture. Make sure to pack all the kitchen essentials. Lastly, deep clean the house you are leaving to create a good impression on your landlords. Try to make the shifting process less stressful both for yourself and the kids by doing things beforehand.



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