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Upgrade Your Parking Area With LED Parking Lot Lights 

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Illuminating a parking lot could be a challenging task. You have to keep the safety concern of the pedestrians and vehicular traffic into consideration.

If you choose the wrong lighting system for the parking area, it is going to cause a lot of trouble for parking the cars. The lighting system with excessive shadows makes it difficult for the car parkers to park their cars in the parking lot safely. It becomes a great safety concern for pedestrians and vehicles.

The High-intensity discharge light fixtures are commonly used in parking lots that emit bright and well-lit lighting. These lighting fixtures have a wide scope of emitting a bright light.

The high-intensity discharge light can illuminate a large area, however, they are high-cost lighting outputs. You need a lot of money to operate your parking lot with them.

If you want to reduce the cost of illuminating your parking lot, you can use LED parking lot lights. The lights are designed to facilitate all kinds of parking areas. They give clear visibility while allowing you to reduce maintenance costs and save energy while sustaining the environment.

What are LED parking lot lights? 

LED lights for the parking lot improve the safety of the parking lot by illuminating it with the ideal amount of light. These lights eliminate the effect of shadows and glares while improving visibility.

There are so many options of LED lights available for you for your parking lot. They come in different sizes and shapes. You can opt for replacing the conventional lighting fixtures of your parking lot with led parking lot light fixtures.

LED lights for the parking lot are versatile lighting options that are suitable for indoor and outdoor parking areas. They can also be installed in factories, warehouses, hospitals, parks, and apartment buildings.

Compared to conventional lighting fixtures, these lights are highly cost-effective and efficient.

The lights illuminate the parking area for the convenience of pedestrians and vehicles. They are available in different designs and enable a visible lighting system for the parking area or the garage.


Energy costs 

Energy costs are a huge cause of concern for hospitals, schools, and large parking lots. The conventional high-intensity discharge lights range from 100 Watts to 1000 Watts. You need higher watts to light up the parking area. The higher the watts higher the output of the light and the higher is the energy cost bill.

Moreover, these lights have wattage between 40 to 600 watts. They do not require much voltage and current to regulate the ballast. Compared to HID lights, LED lights consume 15 % less energy to start the ballast.

Over the years, owners of parking lots are finding Led lights energy-efficient and cost-effective. They have stopped using the HID lights with a capacity of higher wattage and have shifted towards using LED lights.



Modern Led lights come with amazing functionality. Many parking lot owners find it hard to get the maximum lighting output from the conventional HID lighting fixtures. It gets difficult for parking lot owners to illuminate the parking area while keeping the energy costs low.

However, with modern LED lights, they can get unmatched illumination. The Led lights come with wider and brighter illumination.

Car dealers also install LED lights to keep the cars safe and secure in the premises from getting stolen. Moreover, they rely on led lighting fixtures to show off their products to potential buyers.

Unlike HID lighting lamps, LED lights do not require any warm-up time. Moreover LED lighting fixtures for the parking lot are more powerful than the conventional HID lights. They also come with a longer lifespan with the capacity of running up to 500,000 to 100,000 hours.

You can free up more space in your parking area for landscaping and make more space for car parking by reducing the parking lot lighting poles. With LED lighting fixtures, you do not require the same amount of lighting poles to illuminate the parking area. You can design the parking area differently with the modern LED lights by cutting down the conventional parking lot lighting poles.


Reduced maintenance cost 

One of the prominent benefits of LED lights for the parking lot is the reduced maintenance cost. With LED parking lot lights in your parking area, you don’t have to replace them often.

Modern LED parking lot lights are easier to maintain. You don’t have to worry about getting the lighting poles fixed. These lights are low maintenance because they have a longer lifespan.

The high-pressure sodium lights require you to spend a lot of money on their maintenance cost even though they give you limited lighting controls.

However, if you have LED lights in your parking area, you can have relief of saving the maintenance cost and the electricity bill.



Parking lot lights consume a lot of energy to illuminate the area. If you are concerned about the energy cost and maintenance cost of your parking lot lights, you should consider upgrading the lights.

Switching the conventional HID lighting bulbs  with lepro LED bulbs and HID  parking lot lights with LED lights is going to make a huge impact on the lighting performance, functionality, and cost-saving of your parking area.



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