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The Type Of Artificial Grass Determines Its Suitability For Your Yard

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Maintaining a lawn at home is now much more affordable because of the availability of artificial turf that is fast gaining popularity for residential use. One of the reasons for the affordability of artificial turf is its low maintenance. Unlike lawns of natural grass, artificial turf maintains its looks and freshness for many years with minimal care, primarily by cleaning it with some cleaning agent and then rinsing off with water spray. There is no need for mowing, applying insecticides and pesticides, or seeking professional lawn care service, which can be pretty costly in the long run. Homeowners are relieved that they need not look after their artificial lawn while enjoying its good looks that earn the appreciation of visitors and guests who love the lush green and deftly manicured evergreen lawn. To know more about artificial lawns, log on to https://austinturfcompany.com/.

When choosing artificial turf, keep in mind that all turf might look the same, but there are qualitative differences between the lawn materials made from different kinds of plastics. The choice of the material depends on your taste and the surrounding environment of the place of installation.  Polyethylene, Nylon, and Polypropylene are the usual synthetic materials used for making artificial turf.

Polyethylene turf

Polyethylene turf ranks highest among the types of turf materials because of its superior quality. Polyethylene turf creates the most natural looks by effectively replicating the appearance of natural grass, and it is hard to distinguish from the looks whether it is natural or synthetic. The material can withstand heat and undergoes minimal wear and tear and other types of turf materials. In addition, polyethylene is non-porous and does not retain any odor or other types of animal waste. As polyethylene turf has the closest resemblance to natural grass, both in feel and looks, it is highly popular among homeowners who consider it ideal for natural grass.


Polypropylene turf

Polypropylene turf is the most pocket-friendly artificial turf, but you must be ready to compromise on the quality as you know that everything comes at a price. Although the grass looks beautiful initially, it goes through fast wear and tear. When exposed to regular traffic comprising children, pets, and homeowners who love to tread on the soft and spongy surface, the grass can wilt under pressure and lose its shape, thereby affecting the looks. As polypropylene has a low melting point, hot summers can damage the integrity of the grass. Being careful about the use of polypropylene turf can help to retain its looks and reduce damage. Using it for spaces that experience no traffic is suitable for uplifting the aesthetics can do justice to the turf.


Nylon turf

Nylon turf is the strongest among all turf types, and it can withstand intense weather and heavy traffic and heavyweight while retaining its shape and appearance. Nylon turf is best for a hot climate as it can withstand the effects of the sun. However, the stiffness of nylon and its high cost does not make it the most suitable turf for yards. However, it is ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and other sporting arenas.

Consider your need first to select the correct type of artificial turf.







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