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Types of Ornamental Grasses

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Ever thought of adding new colours, textures and points of interest to your garden or landscape? If you have, you should consider ornamental grasses. What Are Ornamental Grasses? Ornamental grasses are any kind of grass that is grown for its visual appeal, rather than for its function. This means that they are usually not used … Read more

How Does Artificial Grass Hold Up In Snow?


snow-on-grass Would you like to cover your garden, balcony or anywhere you want with artificial grass? Many people have preferred artificial grass recently. Because it offers many advantages for those who want to create a green, spacious and a useful area. You can join these people and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere. Table of Contents What … Read more

How To Grow Bermuda Grass Fast

short grass

short grassWhen we talk about a garden, your lawn certainly comes to mind, and that’s why we are going to talk about Bermuda grass, a kind of grass often used to make a home garden. We will show you how to plant it and how to take care of it to have a beautiful lawn composing … Read more

The Type Of Artificial Grass Determines Its Suitability For Your Yard


laying_grass_in_the_garden Maintaining a lawn at home is now much more affordable because of the availability of artificial turf that is fast gaining popularity for residential use. One of the reasons for the affordability of artificial turf is its low maintenance. Unlike lawns of natural grass, artificial turf maintains its looks and freshness for many years … Read more