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How Does Artificial Grass Hold Up In Snow?

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Would you like to cover your garden, balcony or anywhere you want with artificial grass? Many people have preferred artificial grass recently. Because it offers many advantages for those who want to create a green, spacious and a useful area. You can join these people and enjoy a pleasant atmosphere.

What Is Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a floor covering that has been used for many years and has recently found a wide area of use. Artificial grass is named as artificial turf, also. It has a natural appearance. In addition to that it is a very long-lasting and easy-to-maintain product. It provides long years of trouble-free use by performing standard carpet cleaning. Artificial grass is produced from materials that do not harm human health and it is durable. During the first installation, it should be installed with careful workmanship. In applications made with proper workmanship, there would be no problems for many years.


Why Should Artificial Grass Be Preferred Instead of Natural Grass?

Grass is a plant that affects us with its visuality that we want to see in many areas of our lives. However, natural grass has started to lose its popularity today. Therefore, different alternatives were sought and artificial grass was found instead. Because artificial grass is a product known for its exact resemblance to natural grass, used for landscaping and decoration purposes, and also used for sports fields.


What Are The Usage Areas Of Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass products, which have become suitable for use even on balconies, can be used from carpet fields to homes. However, its widest use is still carpet pitches, sports fields and open areas. Many different artificial grass products are used for different purposes in areas such as hotels, restaurants and fairgrounds, also.

snow on grasss

snow on grasss

What Are The Best Advantages Of Artificial Grass?

Even if artificial grass provides many advantages for its customers, there are some outstanding ones. In this part, these advantages will be explained.


Maximum Water Permeability

The water permeability of artificial grass, which makes it non-flammable, is at maximum level. Thus, it can be used with even a floor heating system. This type of grass can be used safely in indoor and outdoor projects and continues to be a solution partner in terms of visual and comfort in many places where there are different decor applications from schools, restaurants, gardens to offices in recent years.


Wide Range of Uses

Artificial grass is produced in accordance with indoor use for decorative purposes as well as garden arrangements. For landscaping purposes, customers can choose artificial grass carpets with peace of mind. These products can be used in shopping malls, airports, hotels, golf courses, parks and recreation areas, streets and squares, schools, and around swimming pools, also.


Lower Costs

Artificial grass does not need constant maintenance. For this reason, it causes lower costs than the other products. Additionally, it does not need irrigation so customers will not need to pay more for water bills. Since artificial grass will not grow over time, there is no mowing cost and there is no replanting cost. As you can see at this point, artificial grass is less costly in many ways.

The only cost of artificial grass will be the process of adding granules. Because it will need granules every 6 months. This applies only to heavily used sports fields. Because the granules in the sports fields disperse over time depending on the movement. In order to maintain the balance of the field, it is sufficient to add granules.

As you can see, there is no extra cost such as labor cost or water cost in artificial grass maintenance. Therefore, artificial grass users are very lucky.


Long Lasting Use

As artificial grass is produced with special elements, its lifespan is very long. Because synthetic yarns are produced strong and resistant to bad weather conditions. Therefore, the use of artificial grass in the open area should be expanded. Artificial grass used in the open area has a longer lifetime of at least 10 years compared to natural grass. This is one of the most important reasons for you to choose artificial turf.


How Does Artificial Grass Hold Up In Snow?

One of the most advantageous features of artificial grass is that it is very durable.Because it does not cause any breakage. For this reason, it will not wear over time. Artificial grass is resistant to cold climates thanks to its structure and the ingredients (polyethylene and polyurethane materials). Even in areas with heavy snowfall, the grass continues as natural grass and does not become brittle or die.

Additionally, thanks to its strong synthetic yarns, artificial grass is very resistant to bad weather conditions. It is suitable for use in 4 seasons and does not lose anything from its visual appearance in the winter months. Customers can use this product in snow also. Even if the weather is cold or snowy, it will not affect the quality of the grass. If you want to get quality artificial grass to use in even the harsh weather conditions, you may get contacted with Integral Grass. It is a company which produces artificial grass and offers artificial grass installation.


5 Important Rules to Consider When Using Artificial Grass

You looked at the details and decided to have artificial grass in your home or your garden? Then, you must be aware that there are some important rules that you must consider after artificial grass installation. Artificial grass is normally durable and long-lasting product but if you want to use it for many years, you must be careful and pay attention to its usage.

  • Very heavy loads should not be placed on the grass to avoid deformation.
  • Animals such as cats and dogs should be kept away from the floor.
  • Chemical substances that will damage the structure of the floor should not be used.
  • Items should not be burned on the artificial grass.
  • If the carpet is used outdoors, it should be carefully cleaned after heavy snowfall.







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